Mistakes in purchasing laminate flooring

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Myth 1: the greater the wear-resistant revolution, the better

wear resistance is the advantage of laminate flooring over solid wood composite and solid wood flooring. Is the higher the revolution, the better? The expert explained that the laminate floor with 6000 turns can meet the requirements if it meets the national household standard. The flow of people in the family is small, and generally there will be no malignant damage, so the wear-resistant revolution need not pursue the same standard as that in public places, nor should it become the basis for raising prices. Moreover, the wear-resistant revolution is one of more than a dozen physical indicators of laminate flooring, which can only explain one physical property of the product. Therefore, consumers need to judge their choices

Myth 2: the harder the floor, the better

some businesses often do some comparative tests when selling, such as knocking their own floor against other brand floors to show that their floor is very hard

in this regard, experts said that the higher the density of the base material of laminate flooring, the higher the mechanical properties and impact resistance, so its side is more resistant to knocking. But it's not the bigger the better. If it's too hard and tough, it's uncomfortable

myth 3: the lower the price, the better

some consumers feel that laminate products are similar, so they choose some products with low prices. Experts believe that: any product has a price quality lever, and if the price is too low, the product quality is poor. Moreover, as a high-end and durable consumer goods, laminate flooring's after-sales service takes a heavy share in the price, so we can't sacrifice service and reduce the price. As far as the current market is concerned, consumers should be particularly cautious in choosing products with significantly low market prices





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