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Ms. Hao Zhilan, a dealer in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, has been associated with spring for many years. The products represented by her agency cover the whole range of products under the spring brand from the earliest anti-theft safety doors to the current wooden doors and floors, and each of them has become popular

Ms. Hao Zhilan, a dealer in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, has been associated with spring for many years. The products represented include a full range of products under the spring brand, from the earliest anti-theft safety doors to the current wooden doors and floors, and each of them has become popular. Especially when the current economic situation is bad, all industries are in recession, and the building materials industry is declining as a whole due to the impact of the real estate industry, Ms. Hao has become one of the few dealers in the local market who can make a lot of money with her years of business experience, her wholehearted trust in the spring brand, and her meticulous care and service to customers

only by controlling profits can we control services

in order to attract customers, many dealers keep the price of their agent products very low, but in fact, the dealers' control of profits directly determines the subsequent service level. There is a slogan in President Hao's store: all problems after the transaction are our problems, and all products are guaranteed for life. But if you want to make the above commitments, it is impossible without profits

in 2013, a customer bought a high-end B580 anti-theft safety door in Mr. Hao's spring anti-theft door store. After installation, a small problem was found. After the customer called the after-sales response, Mr. Hao's after-sales team timely provided on-site maintenance services to the customer. But a few days later, the customer called again and said that the problem still existed. President Hao made a decision on the spot and decided to replace the customer with a new door. If the customer spent twoorthree yuan to buy the door, there was a small problem, and the after-sales service was able to repair the door in time, the customer may be psychologically acceptable, but the high-end door that spent so much money had a problem, and it could not be completely repaired after the door-to-door repair, the customer must be uncomfortable. In Mr. Hao's opinion, high-end products must be tied up with efficient after-sales service, so Mr. Hao decided to replace this customer with a new door. After changing the door, the customer was very satisfied with Mr. Hao's after-sales service, and then ordered spring flooring. In general manager Hao's daily business, there are many such examples. Because of Mr. Hao's long-term adherence to the brand and after-sales service, spring's reputation in the local area is getting better and better, and its influence is growing. Therefore, dealers must leave enough profits to ensure that we provide customers with perfect after-sales service

retaining talents means retaining money.

the establishment of brand can make our dealers better survive and develop, but it is only one of the reasons. Retaining talents is the main factor for the survival and development of terminal stores. Many people think that this year's situation is bad and business is difficult to do. President Hao has opened many stores near Jinzhong, Shanxi. The number of stores has increased year by year, and the profitability is good. Take Yuci Julong store as an example, its sales volume has increased significantly over last year. There are many factors in this, such as the introduction of new customers by old customers and the construction of channels, but the most important is that the members of President Hao's marketing team are proactive, which greatly improves the sales ability of the store. Therefore, the quality of business is not only related to the boss, but also to every member of the team

according to Mr. cuiyajun, the manager of general manager Hao Chunchun Kunze store, Kunze store is particularly good at customer tracking, and the after-sales service is of a very high standard. Every customer entering the store can be received by their sales team. After leaving the customer's contact information, they will establish a separate file for the customer, noting the date of entering the store, the goods they are interested in and the decoration progress of the customer's home. Then call customers every three to five times to introduce products and promotional activities, so as to attract customers to the store again. Each call will record the communication time, situation and results in detail. After the order is completed, they will record the transaction time and the expected installation date, and will call the customer two days before the installation. Before the installation, they will also call the customer in advance to consult whether the customer has other needs and determine the installation time again to ensure the smooth installation and save the customer's time. If the customer orders customized wooden door products, the members of the sales team will understand, record and inform the customer of the transaction, order, product production process and arrangement in advance. Prepare customers for installation, let customers understand and participate in the whole process of wooden door production and installation, ensure real-time monitoring of customers' satisfaction with products and services, and make the purchase and installation services go smoothly

recognize spring, infect customers

salesperson should recognize products and have feelings, so as to better infect customers and complete sales. President Hao took the team back to the company in November in order to let the members of the sales team establish their feelings for spring products and brands. We visited the company's office building and several factory areas, and witnessed the production process and process of each product. This trip to the company touched everyone a lot and increased the confidence of the team. According to Zhou Hongbin, the manager of Mr. Hao's spring modern franchise store, after visiting the two production bases of spring security door Yongkang and Wuyi, the wooden door and floor factory, the strength of spring brand gave him a great shock

a little knowledge of professional problems is a hard injury for many salespeople. During the return visit to the company, the members of President Hao's sales team had a lot of exchanges with the factory workers on technology and products. The process of answering questions and solving doubts made everyone have a deeper understanding of many professional problems that have been troubled for a long time. In the future sales process, you will be more handy in solving these problems, Provide customers with more professional services

president Hao and his party received a warm reception in the company, and everyone deeply realized that spring is a company with deep humanistic culture. President Hao always likes to say that he is a spring man. This trip to the company made everyone feel the warmth of spring. Every team member is proud to be a spring man. In his future work, he will also better maintain the brand of spring as a spring man and contribute to the development of Chuntian

brand management is not a simple thing. We must have enough confidence in the industry and brand we are engaged in. External factors are irresistible and cannot be changed. The only thing we can do is to do well ourselves. Only by adhering to doing well ourselves can we have the ability to resist external risks. Partners of spring, start now and work together





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