The father resigned to decorate three rooms and on

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The father resigned to decorate three bedrooms and one living room for his son, demolished the walls and pasted bricks, and started it himself.

half of the decoration of the living room was completed, basically Chen Shurong (right) did it alone, and his wife occasionally started it

balcony aquarium

kitchen is basically completed

decoration of a 90 square meter clean water room with three rooms and one living room. How many workers are needed? There is a house in building 2, duolipin Road, Baguo City, Jiulongpo District. From buying materials, tearing down walls, grooving, pasting tiles, and hanging ceilings, only one person works. This person is 56 year old chenshurong

it is expected to be completed by the end of next month. I decorate alone, which is also a gift from my father to my son. Chen Shurong said

talent file

Name: Chen Shurong

age: 56

Occupation: resignation

friends don't believe it, many reconnaissance

yesterday, a reporter from Chongqing Evening news came to this new house. Chenshurong is standing on the ceiling of the elevated building, and his wife is standing below to deliver things. Mr. He, a friend standing by, praised him: you are really golden. The decoration will be almost completed in four months, and it looks good

Mr. He told the Chongqing Evening News that he and chenshurong were employees of DOLI real estate company. He is very fashionable. He feels like a panacea. He can paint, drain and supply water

in June this year, Chen Shurong resigned and wanted to decorate his son's new house by himself. Everyone didn't believe it. They rushed to the new house every three or five times. Teacher he came four times

The reporter of Chongqing Evening News saw that vegetables and pots were placed in the kitchen of the new house, and toiletries were placed in the toilet. Chen Shurong said that in order to make it convenient for him to rest and work overtime, he built a 1 meter board bed in his new house, covered the dust with a bag during the day, and curled up to sleep at night

Chen Shurong's wife said that in the hottest days, it was difficult in the house. Lao Chen, who usually wore clean clothes, was disheartened every day

electrical appliances and ceramic tile bags are delivered home. Chen Shurong has to go to the building materials market to see the stones used for making furniture and ceilings. Please pull the car downstairs and push it upstairs with his own cart. My hands blistered when I made the trunking. If you really can't do it, take a rest and try to do the best in every part. Chen Shurong said





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