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"If I have a son, I hope his music and Chinese teacher is Gao Xiaosong, his political teacher is Liu Yu, his English teacher is that paranoid, his history teacher is a master who doesn't pull a dime, his head teacher before the age of 18 is no V, he Weifang after the age of 18, he Weifang is a waiter, Chai Jing is a deskmate, his first love is cangyue, and his girlfriend later is Zhou Xun, who married Wen Xiaoya when he was 40."@ If Ning Caishen's body is popular on Weibo, you can also make a sentence to tease TA

"if body" network quickly became popular. If you have your own house, are you going to decorate it

sentence making form: if you have a house of your own, I hope to decorate it into -

Xiaobian, let me say first, if I have a house of my own, I hope to decorate it into a Disneyland, with a bookcase full of Disney dolls, and Mickey patterns on the sheets in the bedroom. It doesn't cost too much money, and there is a happy atmosphere everywhere. Mickey was small in the house ten years ago, Ten years later, the house looks like a fat Mickey. 70 years later, the house has become a Guinness record

hey hey, come and have a look at Disneyland

Disneyland bedroom





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