Shangchen floor paved into the palace of Chinese m

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In 2019, Shanghai Conservatory of music chose Shangchen from dozens of first-line brands across the country, which is the honor of Shangchen flooring and the demonstration of its strength

in 2018, the vocal music program "sound into the hearts of the people" became popular all over the network

the kind and humorous producer liaochangyong fan countless

on the square stage, he is a national singer

on the nine foot platform, he is a professional music professor

excellent Shangyin Professor Liao and outstanding Shangyin player

let Shangyin, a century old famous school, be widely concerned again

Shanghai Conservatory of music was founded in 1927

History.Long history, Known as the "cradle of musicians"

has trained a large number of outstanding music talents such as He Luting, Zhou Xiaoyan

Li Quan, Chang Shilei, etc. in 2019, Shanghai Conservatory of music, which has numerous talents, chose Shangchen from dozens of first-line brands nationwide. This is the honor of Shangchen flooring. It is also the demonstration of the strength of Shangchen flooring. As one of the first batch of "green product certification" enterprises in the country, it is made in Zhejiang Certified enterprise

Shangchen flooring always adheres to green intelligent manufacturing

from the selection of raw materials to production and processing

and then to the high standard testing link

constantly strive for perfection

Shangchen technicians devote themselves to the on-site measurement and investigation of Shangyin project

Negotiation plan

Shangchen floor is laid into the palace of Chinese music

strategic development territory continues to expand

twelve years of brand precipitation

twelve years of craftsmanship quality

Shangchen floor has always been

adhering to the concept of "Heaven makes half, I make half"

the perfect blend of aesthetics and environmental protection





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