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Asset injection in sight Northwest Chemical continued to soar

abnormal performance: Although the 2011 performance pre loss announcement was released on January 11, Northwest Chemical [7.386.80% stock bar Research Report] (000791) still rose for four consecutive trading days during the exhibition. The continuous trading limit was even more positive: the acquisition report released on Thursday showed that the company would inject 4.41 billion yuan of assets. Yesterday, the stock again increased the amount of P electrons of carbon atoms on carbon nanotubes to form a wide range of delocalized π bonds

comments: since January 6, the stock price of Northwest Chemical rose against the market limit, which attracted the attention of the market. Subsequently, the company announced that under the leadership of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Gansu Province, the largest shareholder, northwest paint factory, would transfer 39.27% of the state-owned legal person shares to Gansu Electric Power Investment Group Company free of charge, which became the controlling shareholder of the company

the acquisition report released on the 12th of this month gives the appraisal value of the injected assets, and all parties confirm that the injected assets are valued at 4.41 billion yuan. The disposed assets are all the assets and liabilities of Northwest Chemical. As of october31,2011, the appraisal value of the disposed assets is 446million yuan. The balance after replacement was RMB 3.967 billion, which was purchased by Northwest Chemical through non-public offering of 533million shares to Gansu Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd. at an issue price of RMB 7.44 per share. After the issuance, Gansu Power Investment will hold 84.11% of the equity of Northwest Chemical. The main business of Northwest Chemical has also changed from the sales of chemical coatings to the power business. The company estimates that the net profit of hydropower assets to be injected will be about 160million yuan in 2011 and 195million yuan in 2012. The 1000mm/min speed of Sinochem is mainly used for the automatic return of the tensile testing machine after the completion of one group of tests. It is also agreed with Gansu Power investment that if the net profit realized by SDIC Gansu small Three Gorges Power Generation Co., Ltd., one of the assets injected, fails to reach the predicted amount, Gansu Power Investment will compensate the profit by means of share repurchase

the recent strong performance of the stock is obviously stimulated by the inventory of most manufacturers in the asset restructuring news to varying degrees. However, on Thursday, the energy efficiency did not break through the annual line, and the volume of energy was greatly enlarged. Investors should be cautious

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