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The price of American used cartons in the Asian waste paper market fluctuates upward

since the beginning of April, the American used cartons (OCC), known as the popular varieties, have been playing a leading role in the Asian waste paper market, and the price has continued to fluctuate upward since mid March. However, the inventory of OCC in the United States has been declining recently, which makes the price rise. Due to the tight supply of this product, American paper mills have taken defensive measures to avoid the loss of inventory tonnage. U.S. suppliers also adopt the "wait and see" strategy to control the supply and wait for the price

the rise of American OCC prices at product fairs, exhibitions and trade fairs in our city has also helped OCC suppliers in Europe, which has led to a rapid increase in the demand for power batteries. At the same time, the recent increase in freight rates in Europe is also the reason for the rise in OCC prices

traders describe the Asian waste paper market as chaotic and volatile. According to the new report of many Asian research institutions, research and markets, customers are deeply dissatisfied with the increase of freight rates in Europe and are not prepared to absorb this cost. Therefore, customers have been slow to place orders

due to the booming market demand for American OCC, the CIF price increased by $10 per ton to $but the CIF price of old American newspapers stabilized at $per ton

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