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Since last October, the financial business headquarters of Digital China IT service group (hereinafter referred to as "Shenma financial company") has implemented a 360 degree post assessment system throughout the company. In the two assessments, 15% of the employees were demoted, paid and eliminated in the first assessment alone, and another 10% of the employees could not escape the fate of being adjusted in the second assessment

360 degree assessment means that your superiors, peers, subordinates and other relevant personnel will score according to the standards, and each employee will be placed in a transparent team, while other members of the team will determine your future in the company. According to dongqiqi, general manager of Digital China financial company, many companies use 360 degrees as the basis for assessing employees, but the difference of Shenma financial company is that it takes it as the only talent incentive mechanism, which will directly determine the position and salary of employees

dongqiqi, the overseas returnee who once served as the vice president of Citigroup, launched a drastic reform as soon as he arrived at Digital China, introduced 360 degree management, and "authoritarianly" announced that if you do not obey, you have to choose to leave

after two assessments, the turnover of the company's independent software and services surged from more than 40million yuan in the previous year to more than 70million yuan

from the second half of this year, digital China will promote the experience of financial companies in the entire IT service group and gradually transition to a 360 degree post assessment system

two assessments

in response to this assessment, shenmar financial company has established an "assessment committee" with the project director and the general manager of the business unit as the core, which is specially responsible for 360 degree assessment. After many heated discussions, the assessment committee finally determined 9 assessment contents based on the values and core concepts of financial companies, namely: leadership, talent training, relationship, customer awareness, delivery, creativity, openness, team contribution and post skills. In order to make the assessment more specific and measurable, the assessment committee subdivided each item into three sub items. In this way, 9 items and 27 standards for 360 degree post assessment have been formally formed

"when the system was just established, I must be dictatorial, and there should be no room for discussion." Dongqiqi told him that as the general manager, dongqiqi has no decision-making power because he is only a member of the "assessment committee" and cannot determine the score of an employee because of his own preferences

in the first assessment, the weight of the superior is set at 70%, the weight of the same level and the subordinate accounts for 20%, and the weight of other partners accounts for 10%

after the above preparatory work, on October 25, 2004, Shenma financial company officially began to implement the post assessment in the first half of fiscal year 2004, and the assessment cycle was 7 days

a total of 258 people participated in the first job assessment, including dongqiqi, the general manager and project director of each business division. The talent strategy department, which was responsible for the overall assessment, received a total of 1294 valid evaluation forms. "All personnel have submitted the evaluation form within the time limit specified by the company." A person from shencode talent strategy Department disclosed to us that after careful and accurate calculation, the final result is: the overall average score of the company is 4.29 (score range), of which the highest score is 4.89 for your work escort, the lowest score is 3.37, 139 are higher than the average score, and 119 are lower than the average score

according to the detailed rules for the implementation of this assessment, 50% of the employees passed the assessment, further approaching their post standard salary, 10% of the employees were promoted, and 15% of the employees were demoted, reduced and eliminated

"through this assessment, the total salary of the whole company has increased slightly." Dongqiqi told me

"this post assessment is the first 'real' assessment in the history of Shenma financial company." Dongqiqi said that it opened the black box of the original closed posts and salary adjustment, formed a standardized and transparent process, and was widely recognized by the company's employees

after the assessment, shenmar financial company conducted internal summary and communication. "Many employees have put forward positive suggestions for improvement of assessment methods and rules." Dongqiqi said that while celebrating, many employees with good assessment results also feel the pressure of falling behind in a dynamic assessment system. Some careful employees also listed the items whose scores were lower than the average value as the key improvement goals in the next six months

on April 25, 2005, Shenma financial company conducted the second 360 degree assessment. In the second assessment, some parameters were adjusted: the weight of the superior was reduced from 70% to 60%, and the number of evaluation items was reduced from 27 to 18

in the second assessment, a total of 245 people participated in the post assessment, including dongqiqi, general manager of Shenma financial company, general managers and project directors of all business divisions. The talent strategy Department has received a total of 1245 valid evaluation forms. The overall average score of the company is 4.35, of which the highest score is 4.87 and the lowest score is 3.81. 109 people are above the average score and 136 people are below the average score

in the second assessment, 5% of the employees were promoted and transferred, 35% of the employees further approached their corresponding standard salary through the assessment, 10% of the employees were demoted, reduced and eliminated, and among these 10% of the employees, there were also employees who got a raise in the first assessment

change the system into a habit

after two assessments, employees have become a basic part of their work from not understanding it at first

"our job evaluation is not a one-time task, but a continuous system. Every employee of shenmar financial company should make job evaluation a habit." Dongqiqi told me

in these two assessments, the assessment committee effectively made collective decisions from the overall situation. The general manager and project director only played their own part in the assessment system, enhancing the credibility among employees, team cohesion and customer service quality

"the 360 degree assessment system has created a new ecological environment. Everyone needs to make corresponding adjustments, which is intuitive and clear. Experimental data and marked forms can be automatically reported and printed to meet this environment." Dongqiqi said that even if you are excellent enough to fail to gain the trust of colleagues in the team and integrate into the team, you will be eliminated, and shenmar financial company does not need employees who emphasize individuality and cannot integrate into the team

for the calculation of evaluation scores, dongqiqi believes that any system is not purely rigid, but should combine hardness and softness: everyone's score must not be a simple accumulation of the original score, but must be corrected to adjust the tightness of each rater's scoring caliber, so as to ensure that the final score is fair to everyone

"the 360 degree assessment system is not a bureaucratic system that only scores, compares, raises and lowers salaries, but a dynamic and humanized system that encourages and guides employees." Dongqiqi thinks

the results and comments of the 360 degree assessment of the "business talent" strategy will be made public to the employees themselves. After formal communication, they will be retained in the employee files that also use carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, titanium and other materials. Each assessed person can view his/her feedback form at any time. The assessment result is one of the main bases for the promotion and transfer of employees, and is related to personal salary, career development and training. Dongqiqi, whose single block value is not less than

told that for employees with a suitable position, if they have had a successful experience in the upper position, for example, the assistant project manager has successfully served as the project manager in a project, they can get the growth guidance of "turn" (hereinafter referred to as "t"). T growth guidance means that the employee can be promoted to a higher position when the next growth opportunity comes. For example, when a new project needs a project manager, the assistant project manager can be promoted to a project manager. However, employees who are ranked backward in the assessment need to understand the reasons for their poor performance, help them analyze and improve through the organization, pay attention to tracking, and strengthen training and guidance, so as to make them grow rapidly

therefore, dongqiqi told that the 360 degree appraisal system not only relates to the rise and fall of positions and the adjustment of salaries, but also provides an effective tool for employees' career planning, helping employees understand the environment and plan how to grow in this environment

"this is a market-oriented mechanism. Our human resources must be consistent with the scale of our business. Excellent talents must come up and those with poor performance must go on." (end)

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