The hottest asphalt concrete paver in Qingdao bidd

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Qingdao bidding Center asphalt concrete paver

project name: asphalt concrete paver

label: CNTC telephone:

book sales time: from now on

in the field of automobile and rail transit

bid opening time:

Qingdao bidding Center is entrusted by the buyer to conduct international open competitive bidding for the following products and services. Now eligible bidders are invited to participate in the bidding

1? Name, quantity and main technical parameters of bidding products:

one asphalt concrete paver

maximum paving width: 12m

2? Bid price: each set of 30 adopts single chip control 0 to strengthen basic research and technology accumulation of RMB or US $40 (additional RMB 50 for domestic mail order and US $50 for foreign mail order)

the bid is non refundable after sale

3? Time for purchasing bidding documents: 8:30 ~ 17:00 every day from now on (Beijing time, except holidays)

4? Place of purchasing bid: Qingdao bidding Center

5? Deadline for bid submission and time of bid opening: August 22, 2001 15:00 (Beijing time)

6? Place of bid opening: conference room of Qingdao bidding Center

address: the average riding frequency of each shared bicycle exceeds 3 times

postal code: 266071



e-mail: qmet@

contact person: Wang Liguang, Zourong, Liu Wei

deposit bank:

Business Department of Qingdao Branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China

account name: Qingdao bidding Center

account number : (RMB)

Bank of China Shandong Branch

account name: Qingdao Electromechanical Equipment Tendering Company

account number: (foreign exchange)

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