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Asian styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) will enter the upward trend again

insiders predicted on October 10 that the spot price of Asian styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) may resume its upward trend in November due to the recovery of downstream tire manufacturers' demand, the firmness of natural rubber prices and the rebound of butadiene raw material prices

according to ICIS data, as of the week of October 3, the spot price of SBR 1502 in the Asian market was US $2450~2500 (ton price, and eliminate white pollution, the same below, CIF, China), which was the same as the price of the previous week. SBR market participants expect that SBR prices in Asia will remain stable for the rest of October, as businesses will still take a wait-and-see attitude

however, industry insiders believe that after the United States imposed a 25% punitive tariff on Chinese imported tires on September 26, Chinese tire manufacturers may gradually increase production in the future to increase exports to the U.S. market. A major SBR producer in Asia said that higher natural rubber prices would also help push SBR prices back up

since the beginning of September, the price of natural rubber in the Asian market has increased by about $500, and now it has exceeded $13000 (FOB, Malaysia), which is also an important area for China's material industry to save energy, reduce emissions and take a low-carbon path. On October 9, the closing price of SMR 20 natural rubber on the Malaysian Rubber exchange was USD 3033 (FOB, Malaysia)

in mid August, after the news that Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the world's three major rubber producers, agreed to reduce the output and export of natural rubber, the international natural rubber price rose sharply. According to the tripartite agreement, the export volume of natural rubber from these three countries will be reduced by 300000 tons this year and next year, and the output will also be reduced by 150000 tons. These three countries account for about 70% of the global natural rubber production

at the same time, the price of butadiene, the main raw material of SBR, is expected to rebound next month, because Korea will resume the production of its synthetic rubber plant at that time. From October 10, the synthetic rubber production plant of South Korea Jinhu Petrochemical Company in Lishui and Ulsan will be shut down for three weeks. Jinhu Petrochemical is the largest producer of synthetic rubber in Asia and a major consumer of butadiene. Market participants predict that butadiene prices in Asia may exceed US $2000 in November (CFR, Northeast Asia)

however, some market participants believe that Asian SBR prices will remain weak in November and December, and may even fall, mainly in view of the gloomy global economic outlook. Recently, the world bank and the International Monetary Fund both released reports to reduce the global economic growth and warned that the global economy is in recession. Director Wang: the car interior is in direct contact with the body and senses of drivers and passengers. The world bank said that the weakness of exports and the slowdown of investment growth will cause China's GDP growth to slow down to 7.7% this year, compared with 9.3% last year. The International Monetary Fund predicts that the global economic growth will slow down to 3.3% this year and 3.6% next year

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