The hottest Asian rubber TOCOM period ended 27 low

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[Asian rubber] TOCOM rubber futures closed down 2.7% due to the high oil price. Tokyo rubber futures fell 2.7% on Wednesday. Investors sold futures to stop losses after the oil price fell sharply according to the research results

the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) index for December rubber futures 0jru: closed down 9.2 yen to 329.2 yen per kilogram Earlier in the session, SEBS fell to 3. However, as SEBS is made of rubber like material, 26.7 yen was the lowest intraday trading level of all index contracts since June 5

U.S. crude oil futures clc1 fell by more than $6 a barrel on Tuesday, the largest decline in dollar terms in 17 years, as the economic situation of the world's No. 1 energy consumer, the United States, is increasingly worrying that more than 20million people will take the subway to go out this holiday, which triggers demand worries

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