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ASON network test and OIF interconnection

Abstract: OIF (optical interconnection Forum), a major standardization organization of ASON in the world, aims to promote optical network interconnection, and has successfully tested and demonstrated the interoperability of asonuni and e-nni for many times

Chinatelecom successfully participated in the demonstration and test of ASON global interworking in 0if2004 and 2005. This paper briefly introduces Chinatelecom's participation in 0If test and Chinatelecom's ASON test in 2005

key words: the materials printed by ASON are basically single tone; 0IF; Interconnection and interworking

1. The significance of ASON network testing

ason concept is an important breakthrough and change in transmission technology. With the development of ASON technology, relevant standards have been continuously improved, and the maturity of ASON equipment has been continuously improved. At present, there are many commercial ASON networks running at home and abroad, such as at&t backbone, NTT backbone, Hainan Telecom province and Jiangsu Telecom province. However, since the e-nni specification closely related to interconnection has not been completed, large-scale groups in multi manufacturer environments can not be realized, but only single manufacturer equipment groups

in terms of ASON testing, China Unicom and China Mobile have conducted a certain scale of ASON testing respectively in 2004. At that time, the e-nni standard was not perfect and the maturity of the equipment was not enough. Therefore, only single manufacturer equipment was tested. OIF (optical interconnection Forum), a major standardization organization of ASON in the world, aims to promote the interconnection of optical networks, and has successfully tested and demonstrated the interoperability of ASON uni and e-nni for many times. Chinatelecom successfully participated in the ASON global interworking demonstration and test of OIF in 2004 and 2005

from the above analysis, it can be seen that the time for ASON equipment function and interconnection test is basically ripe. In order to meet the needs of network construction and avoid testing and evaluation by provincial companies, Chinatelecom organized a large-scale ASON test in 2005. The main purpose of this ASON test is to understand the performance and function realization of ASON equipment from various manufacturers, and make an objective evaluation of the equipment participating in the test. Test and verify the interconnection of ASON equipment from different manufacturers, so as to provide technical basis for the selection of on group scheme of as in China's plastic machinery market. Verify and improve the prepared ASON technical specifications according to the test results, and serve as the basis for formulating ASON technical system

the following is a brief introduction to Chinatelecom's participation in OIF test and Chinatelecom's ASON test in 2005

2. OIF interconnection and interworking test

oif's main work is to formulate optical network implementation protocol, with the goal of realizing optical network interconnection and interworking. OIF's main work in intelligent optical network is to formulate uni and e-nni interface technical specifications. At present, OIF has completed 2 and e-nni1.0 (signaling part) specifications, and has successfully demonstrated the interworking of uni and e-nni for many times. Therefore, OIF has rich experience and authority in intelligent optical network interworking test

"OIF global interworking demonstration" is an intelligent optical network interworking test and demonstration organized by OIF, including the participation of many operators and manufacturers in the world. Two interworking tests have been held in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The test contents in 2004 include uni1.0r2/e-nni1.0 signaling and routing interworking test and Ethernet service interworking test based on gfp/vcat/lcas. The test content in 2005 included two parts: Ethernet switching connection (SC)/e-nni interworking test based on uni2.0 and Ethernet virtual service test. Chinatelecom mainly participated in uni/e-nni1.0 signaling and routing interworking test

oif interworking test is jointly completed by major operators and equipment manufacturers in the world, including at&t, Chinatelecom, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, NTT, Telecom Italia and Verizon; Equipment manufacturers include Alcatel, ciena, sycamore and Huawei. The test equipment is placed in the laboratories of various operators. The laboratories include the connection between the control plane and the transmission plane. The connection between the laboratories is realized through the Internet based IP VPN. And connect to the supercomm demonstration site through IP VPN for on-site demonstration (see Figure 1). The network connection topology tested in 2005 is shown in Figure 2

Figure 1 OIF global interworking demonstration topology diagram

Figure 2 network connection topology

the specifications based on which OIF test was conducted in 2005 include OIF uni2.0 (Draft) and e-nni1.0 (signaling part), as well as the draft routing specification. Uni2.0 the main MFR also has a definite effect on the properties of composites. In uni1 O added content related to value-added services. It includes separation of call and connection control, dual attribution of separated routes, bandwidth adjustment of uninterrupted services, 1:n protection, Ethernet service transmission, G.709 interface service transmission and enhanced security. The Ethernet interworking test follows the Ethernet service transmission part of uni2.0. The signaling protocol of e-nni used in this test is e-nni1 O adds the processing content for Ethernet services. The routing protocol used in this test is similar to that in 2004. This test mainly verifies the basic functions of SC (switched connection) and SPC (soft permanent connection) establishment and deletion of Ethernet services. The basic test configuration is shown in Figure 3

figure 3uni/e-nni interworking test configuration

in 2005, the manufacturers participating in the test in cooperation with Chinatelecom included ciena and Huawei, as well as the instrument manufacturer navtel. Chinatelecom, NTT, Ti and Verizon use IP VPN to realize the interconnection of control planes. The logical connection topology is shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 Chinatelecom laboratory network topology

through the joint efforts of all parties, this test has been a complete success. This interworking test verifies the feasibility of uni and e-nni signaling proposed by OIF for Ethernet services, and further discusses and clarifies the signaling process and object parameters of Ethernet services through this test. In this test. Both uni and e-nni adopt signaling protocol based on RSVP-TE; e-nni adopts DDRP routing protocol based on ospf-te, which is still single-level routing. The test verifies the establishment and deletion of Ethernet SC (switched connection) and SPC (soft permanent connection)

Chinatelecom is the only operator in China to participate in OIF global interworking test and demonstration. By participating in this test, we have strengthened the cooperative relationship with foreign operators and equipment manufacturers, enhanced the ability of communication and cooperation with international partners, and improved the internationalization level of Chinatelecom's scientific research team. It has improved Chinatelecom's influence in the world telecommunications industry, especially in the research and testing of ASON technology

3. Chinatelecom 2005ason network test

during October to December 2005, Chinatelecom conducted the evaluation and test of ASON equipment from many manufacturers in Beijing. Seven manufacturers including Alcatel, Fiberhome, Huawei, Lucent, Marconi, sycamore and ciena participated in the test. This test is a large-scale and comprehensive evaluation test of ASON equipment and technology in China. The participating manufacturers include most well-known manufacturers in ASON. The main contents of this test include:

(1) control plane function test: including uni1.0r2, automatic neighbor and topology discovery, DCN protection recovery, sc/spc connection and other functions

(2) e-nni function interworking test: e-nni1 O signaling and routing protocol interworking, sc/spc connection establishment and deletion

(3) transmission plane test

(4) management plane test

(5) protection recovery test: including the test of different protection recovery technologies for pc/sc/spc connection

(6) signaling and routing performance and reliability test

(7) large volume test

this test comprehensively evaluated the condition of ASON equipment of various manufacturers. According to the test results, the functions of ASON equipment of various manufacturers in terms of individual groups have been basically mature, which can meet the requirements of current applications, including the functions and performance of transmission plane, control plane, protection recovery and management system. Each manufacturer's equipment can divide the transmission plane resources into control plane and management plane for use, so as to facilitate the gradual introduction of ASON technology

another feature and focus of this test is Enni interconnection test. This test successfully realized large-scale Enni interworking for the first time in China, including two-way interworking and multi domain interworking of three manufacturers. This kind of large-scale interworking test is also rare in the world. Compared with the interworking test organized by the optical interconnection Forum (OIF), this test goes further, adding test contents such as single domain multi node, double node interconnection, 1+1msp, control node failure, etc., and successfully realizing interworking. The interworking of Enni means that devices from different manufacturers can be used to build multi domain ASON networks, so as to improve the network scalability and equipment selectivity. In the next step, we can carry out the verification of larger-scale Enni interworking through construction tests, and study the management of cross domain connections, the scalability and service level of Enni routing

on the whole, this test was very successful. Through the test, we learned about the performance and function realization of ASON equipment from various manufacturers, providing a technical basis for the engineering application of ASON. Through the test, the basic functions of Enni from different manufacturers are successfully interwoven, and the multi domain ASON group scheme is simulated, which brings greater flexibility to the group. The test also promotes the development of ASON technology, equipment and standardization

4, conclusion

experiments and tests are of great significance for the introduction of a new technology. By participating in OIF interworking test and laboratory test completed by independent organizations, Chinatelecom has a relatively deep and perfect understanding of the current situation of ASON technology and equipment. Because the laboratory test is limited by the test time and the number of equipment, there are certain limitations, such as the inability to test and verify the long-term performance and stability of the control protocol software and management system, as well as the ability of the equipment to build a large-scale network. The testing and research of ASON test can make up for the shortcomings of laboratory testing, accumulate ASON network operation experience, including the impact on the operation and maintenance system and the business provision mode, and prepare for the large-scale commercial use of ASON. (end)

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