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Aspect released the "call center benchmark evaluation report"

cti Forum () on July 5 (compiler/Lao Qin): from beginning to end, the success of the enterprise will always satisfy customers. No matter what industry, from hairdressers to contact centers, when it comes to customer experience, everyone needs to pay high attention to it. The contact center is usually the first contact point between the customer and the enterprise, so it is very necessary to ensure that every customer has a good experience, which is also the only way to ensure that the brand maintains a positive image

to do this, what should the contact center be transformed into? The answer given by aspect software is the customer participation center. To help the contact center with this transformation, aspect has released its contact center self-assessment benchmark. The objective of this report is to understand how the enterprise can accept this change through personnel, process and technical improvement

our vision is to collect data and generate opinions, which is valuable for participating enterprises to understand their own operations, and also provide a measurement standard for their peers. Our goal is to help answer the question that many people ask every day: how can other enterprises get the maximum return from their technology investment in customers and employees? Ken Ewell, senior vice president of aspect professional services, said. In the past 18 months, we have been discussing these topics with enterprises, collecting and refining our data. We believe that this is a meaningful report and provides a good basis for dialogue. Our benchmark survey report on the realization of "leading the small with the big and leading the big with the small" has been well recognized and will continue to develop, because we have learned more through interaction with enterprises on these highly related issues

the result data is very enlightening. Most respondents said they were able to meet or exceed the customer experience defined by their enterprise. This would be good news, but in fact only 27% of respondents think they have achieved these goals in a row. The reasons for this lack of consistency can be seen in other findings

for example, half of the surveyed enterprises lack a migration path for modern IVR, and admit that the self-service experience of the current IVR solutions they provide is insufficient. Self service is becoming more and more popular, especially for those who have the ability to solve problems quickly. Therefore, an inadequate IVR is certainly not the best way to exceed customer expectations

similarly, only 34% of enterprise respondents believe that their agent skills and abilities are completely consistent with consumers' preferences for digital channels and interactions. The popularity of digital channels is growing rapidly. More people feel comfortable talking to actual agents through contacts rather than by phone. However, if a contact center has the best Omni channel solution to help the agents interact with customers through digital means, but the agents themselves do not have successful technical experience or training, it will be meaningless. A contact center can also be an effective means to improve the ecological environment so as to have the best solution in the world, but it will not be effective without appropriate seat training

in a word, aspect's contact center self-assessment benchmark provides clues to some of the biggest problems faced by some people who are seeking to change from customer service center to customer participation center. If they need to know more about the information of universal tensile testing machine, they will need to know more about it. Due to the change of consumer behavior, the preference for automation and self-service, and the emphasis on security solutions, the contact center pays more attention to customer participation than ever before. Enterprise 4. The digital display electronic tensile testing machine can be configured with sensors of different specifications according to requirements to provide customers with the best service. It is not only necessary to achieve the best labor optimization solution, but also to effectively use the WFO solution. If they don't, customers will find other brands willing to walk an extra mile for them

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