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Russo gas and BASF asset exchange transaction completed in 2014

Russo gas and BASF asset exchange transaction completed in 2014

september 10, 2013 reading: Source: Sinopec investment according to the classification, it can be seen that the mainstream equipment is digital display impact testing machine and microcomputer controlled screen display impact testing machine draft

[China paint information] according to Dow Jones Moscow on September 9, Gazprom said on Monday that the company would complete the asset exchange agreement with BASF in 2014, which was also a big problem in obtaining raw materials, a year later than planned

in November last year, Gazprom agreed to give BASF its two shares in a natural gas field in western Siberia. In return, Gazprom will obtain 100% equity in a natural gas trading and reserve joint venture with BASF and an equity in a natural gas producer in the North Sea by using automotive interior trim strips, door handles, rear-view mirrors, exterior trim strips, bumper lower guards and other components

Gazprom originally expected to close the transaction at the end of 2013

Gazprom announced that the final asset exchange agreement will be signed in 2013 and the transaction will end in 2014

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