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Repair and maintenance of pneumatic marking machine

general knowledge of maintenance of pneumatic marking machine mechanical maintenance and maintenance clip ring material: stainless steel sus#304:

(1) the sliding rods of X and Y axes should be kept clean, and no dust or iron filings are allowed to stay on them, so as not to affect the accuracy of the slide rail

(2) the focus of the development of x-axis and y-axis ALT company is to add a little oil of more than 20 # to the local slide bar once a week, and hold the marking head with your hand and move back and forth along the X and Y directions several times

(3) regularly check the mechanical characteristics of x-axis and y-axis motors and synchronization, such as contraction, continuous loading, twists, changes, durability, impact, etc., and check whether the pulley connection is loose every three months

(4) regularly check the tension of the synchronous belt of X and Y axes (once every three months)

(5) regularly check whether the synchronous belt fastening blocks of X and Y axes are loose (once every three months)

(6) keep the marking head cylinder liner clean, and do not allow dust, iron filings, etc. to enter the cylinder or copper sleeve. Add lubricating oil (oil can be injected from the exhaust hole) before use every day

(7) when the air source is connected, the duplex automatically makes the equipment unable to work and drain normally. At this time, there will be gas discharge, which will return to normal after a few minutes. Check whether the pneumatic duplex is normal once a half year

(8) the wear of the needle can be repaired. The method of taking out the needle is to unscrew the needle sleeve to the left and take out the rubber gasket to take out the needle and the return spring

(9) the travel switch is not allowed to have oil and iron filings

(10) the compressed air shall meet the indicators proposed in the technical requirements

2 maintenance of computer system:

(1) the power supply should meet the indicators proposed in the technical requirements

(2) the computer should be operated by a specially assigned person, and it is not allowed to run other software

(3) once the computer is infected with a virus, please immediately ask the software technician to deal with it, or contact the company quickly

(4) the computer environment should meet the indicators proposed in the technical requirements

(5) the computer should be moisture-proof, dust-proof and oil resistant, so as to avoid short circuit, poor contact and other faults caused by the oxidation of the incoming and connecting elements. Open the chassis and clean the dust once half a year

(6) when operating the keyboard, do not use too much force, just tap gently, otherwise it will affect the service life and even damage

(7) it is strictly forbidden to drop the electric cabinet, computer, keyboard, mouse, etc. to avoid damaging the components in the machine

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