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Maintenance of separator funnel oscillator

· correctly use and pay attention to the maintenance of the instrument to make it in good working condition, which can prolong the service life of the instrument

· during continuous operation of the instrument, regular inspection should be carried out every three months: check whether there are water drops, dirt, etc. falling into the motor and control unit; Check fuses, control elements and fastening screws

③ the bearing of the transmission part has been filled with an appropriate amount of grease (No. 1 calcium sodium base) before leaving the factory. During the continuous operation of the instrument, the grease should be added every six months, and the filling amount accounts for about i/3 of the bearing space

⑤ after long-term use, natural wear and tear of the instrument is a normal phenomenon

is a newly developed and comprehensively developed latest product. Its operation is safe and simple, stepless speed regulation and vertical rotation is stable. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for plants, biological products, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection and other scientific research, teaching and production departments. The vertical workbench is equipped with a special fixture, which can hold a variety of test bottles and vibrate and stir evenly under the same conditions. It is especially suitable for the culture and preparation of biological samples for various comparative tests

main features of the maintenance of the separator funnel oscillator:

● the separator funnel oscillator can choose two oscillation modes: inclined oscillation and vertical oscillation, which can obtain greater mixing force

● using a DC motor can maintain a stable oscillation frequency for a long time

● the oscillation frequency is stepless, and the oscillation frequency can reach 20-250 times/min when tilting, and 20-300 times/min when vertical

● the separator funnel clamp is easy to use, and it is very convenient to install or remove the separator funnel

● when the separator funnel oscillator oscillates, the operating sound is below 55 dB, no noise, very quiet

● digital display of oscillation frequency, which can display the oscillation times before the last shutdown after startup. It can switch between regular oscillation and continuous oscillation to improve product quality and shape brand image

● start buffer and stop buffer skills, start and stop slowly to reduce the impact on the separating funnel

at the same time, the new PVC wood plastic composite material has passed the inspection of the national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center a few days ago. The maintenance technical parameters of the funnel oscillator:

◆ oscillation mode: vertical or inclined oscillation

◆ tilt angle: 0-22 adjustable

◆ oscillation speed: 10-300 times/minute

◆ oscillation amplitude: 45mm

◆ maximum load: About 7kg × 2 (including fixture)

standard configuration:

oscillator host: 1 set, standard fixture: within 6 (150ml-1000ml), fixture specification Diane, etc. can be customized

unconventional requirements, customized according to customer requirements

precautions for maintenance of the separator funnel oscillator:

1. Medium speed use within the speed range can prolong the service life of the instrument

2. The instrument should be placed on a firm workbench, and the environment should be clean and tidy, with moderate temperature and good ventilation

3. Before using the instrument, set the speed regulation knob to the minimum position

4. Clamp the test bottle

5. When loading test bottles on the vertical workbench, the heavy test bottles should not be placed at both ends of the workbench. The culture solution of each bottle should be roughly equal. If the number of culture bottles is insufficient, the test bottle can be placed symmetrically or filled with other equal solutions to fill the empty space

6. Connect the external power supply, place the power switch in the on position, the indicator light is on, and slowly adjust the speed regulation knob to the required speed

7. Before each shutdown, the speed control knob must be placed at the minimum position, and then the power supply must be cut off

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