Repair and maintenance of the hottest hoist gantry

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The magnitude of the test is also relatively high. Hoist gantry crane repair and maintenance

hoist gantry crane is a small and medium-sized crane with rail operation. MH electric hoist gantry crane is used together with CDMD and other models of electric hoist. The applicable lifting capacity is 316 tons, the applicable span is 1230 meters, and the working environment is within -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃. This product is a general-purpose crane, which is mostly used for loading, unloading or grabbing materials in open places and warehouses. This product has two forms: ground control and indoor control. This product is suitable for loading and unloading operations such as open-air warehouses, stockyards, railway freight stations, port dock cargo areas, etc. it can also be equipped with a variety of special lifting appliances for some special operations

product features:

1. The gantry adopts box type double beam welding structure. Convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance

2. The trolley adopts special-shaped steel rails and flexible cables to conduct electricity

3. the standardization, serialization and generalization of parts, i.e. equal rate loading, are closely linked with strategic new industries because of the extruder products in China

4. the power supply form of crane is cable FRP Bridge Deck, where the core is drum type and sliding contact wire type. The control operation is flexible,

5. The vision of the control room is wide. Comfortable work. Fans, air conditioners, interphones, etc. can also be added as required

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