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Stealth packaging of military products (Part 2)

stealth packaging technology can even be applied to the packaging of soldiers themselves to protect the life safety of soldiers on the battlefield. On the basis of camouflage clothes and three defense clothes in active service, some developed countries use new materials to develop multifunctional camouflage stealth clothes that can not only have three defense capabilities, but also prevent cold, moisture, visible light and infrared reconnaissance

the U.S. military has developed a camouflage combat suit with "chameleon" effect by using photosensitive, heat sensitive technology, electrochemical dye technology and dynamic camouflage technology. Through the role of micro sensors installed on the combat suit, it can automatically change the color with the background changes to match the surrounding environment. This kind of combat suit can play a better anti reconnaissance effect in calm weather, but the fly in the ointment is that in windy weather, the enemy can find a piece of "including 4 doctors and 15 masters leaves" or "grass" stationary in the grass swaying with the wind, and conclude that it is a camouflaged target through this slight difference. To this end, the U.S. military has developed an electro-optical film, which is coated on the camouflage combat suit and connected with a microprocessor and environmental sensing system. When the wind blows, the system can change the pattern displayed by the film, produce a visual effect similar to the shaking of the environment, and play the role of camouflage and stealth

according to foreign reports, the new stealth field camouflage suit to be equipped by the Canadian Army will reduce the detection rate of soldiers by 40%. This is a new type of operation developed by the Canadian army through computer simulation of temperate forest environment for digital imaging analysis, which took 12 years. It is said that it is difficult to "see" soldiers at night even with night vision. It is also reported that the Swedish Institute of vehicle structure and ship equipment is now conducting an in-depth study on how to comprehensively utilize various elements of camouflage and stealth to make the special combat clothing have a stronger camouflage and stealth function. It will focus on solving the problem of background contrast between personnel and vehicles in thermal imagers and radars, The company plans to replace the raw materials of combat clothing with new materials that can effectively camouflage and camouflage the radiation of human body heat under the control of high-power startling tube switches

v. future development of stealth packaging

considering the significant impact of stealth packaging technology on the safety protection of military equipment and combatants, stealth packaging technology is bound to be further developed and widely used. On the whole, the development and application of stealth packaging in the future will show an all-round, multifunctional and low-cost development trend

1. The scope of development and application will be further expanded

the development and application of stealth technology has been extended to ground tanks, combat vehicles and artillery systems, surface ships, underwater submarines and other weapons and equipment, and will gradually expand to air defense weapon systems, strategic missile systems and other military targets, and may also be developed to civilian use. In fact, many modern advanced technologies were first military technologies, and then gradually developed and applied to the civilian field

2. Comprehensively use a variety of stealth technologies

in order to deal with the detection of a variety of detection technologies and detection systems, we must comprehensively use radar, infrared, electronics, sound waves, visible light and other stealth technologies to achieve multi-functional stealth, and should not unilaterally emphasize one kind and ignore the other. Experimental tests have proved that the stealth effect of comprehensive use of various stealth technology measures is by no means a simple quantitative superposition, But several times or even hundreds of times. Moreover, stealth is relative, which is the result of the dynamic balance between stealth technology and anti stealth technology. With the development of anti stealth technology, we must explore and develop more advanced stealth technology

3. Reduce the cost of stealth

the cost of current stealth technology is very high, such as the price of microwave absorbing structural materials and microwave absorbing coatings are very expensive, which makes the cost of stealth packaging very high. For example, the cost of f-ll7a stealth fighter and B-2 stealth bomber is more than twice that of the corresponding non stealth aircraft. Therefore, to reduce the cost of stealth, attention should be paid to the moisture-proof and moisture-proof areas such as the middle beam platform and workbench of the electronic universal experimental machine, which will be an important issue that must be considered in the development of stealth packaging in the future. In addition, with limited funds and technology, conditions do not allow the extensive application of various advanced stealth technologies and measures, Based on the existing conditions and local conditions, some effective "indigenous methods" with low technical content may also achieve unexpected results. The above-mentioned "artillery deformation mobile mold" developed by a coastal defense regiment, which is engaged in scientific and technological military training to tackle key problems, has put on the "stealth coat" to the artillery and achieved satisfactory stealth effect

at present, many of our military equipment are far from meeting the requirements of future high-tech local wars in terms of camouflage and stealth protection performance, such as the optical stealth, radar stealth and infrared stealth performance of military transport vehicles, which are the main means of transport for our military campaign, tactical force mobility and logistics transportation support. The sprayed military green paint only has antirust function, and its gloss and spectral reflection characteristics can not meet the requirements of anti optical reconnaissance camouflage stealth. In the design of the whole vehicle, it is not considered to reduce the infrared radiation through the thermal insulation packaging and reasonable shape design of the engine and exhaust pipe, and the selection of low emissivity paint. The reflection of radar wave is not considered in the design of vehicle dimensions, and the radar stealth performance is very poor. All these will seriously threaten the safety of vehicles and their personnel on the battlefield. Therefore, exploring and developing the stealth packaging of our military equipment and combatants has far-reaching practical significance, and it is a new topic that needs to be studied urgently to win the local war under the future high-tech conditions

China's packaging industry has become an independent industrial system, and the pharmaceutical packaging market has a broad space.

from the Sixth National Congress of the China Packaging Technology Association held in Beijing from October 18 to October 19, it was learned that China's packaging industry has developed from a decentralized industry into an independent and relatively complete industrial system, with an output value of 250billion yuan in 2002. In terms of the output, quality, variety and other items of integrated packaging products, China has entered the ranks of a big packaging country, and is now moving towards a powerful packaging industry

as early as the early 1980s, in view of the situation that China's packaging industry was seriously lagging behind the national economy at that time, the state determined the guiding ideology of encouraging the development of the packaging industry, and established the China Packaging Technology Association under this background. Over the past 23 years, China's packaging industry has accelerated technological progress, supported key backbone enterprises, adhered to the path of internationalization, and narrowed the gap with developed countries. We have been able to produce most of the internationally used packaging equipment, packaging machinery and packaging products, and the output of corrugated packaging products, composite flexible packaging and metal barrels has ranked first in the world. Packaging materials and packaging machinery began to participate in international competition, and the export volume increased year by year. The phenomenon of serious damage caused by backward packaging has been basically controlled, and the situation of "first-class products, second-class packaging, and third-class prices" has been basically improved

at the same time, pharmaceutical packaging has also made great progress. According to Cai Hong, Secretary General of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association ± 45 ° and at the horizontal position outside the zero position, the output value of the pharmaceutical packaging industry has accounted for more than 10% of the national packaging industry, which is higher than the proportion of the output value of the pharmaceutical industry in the national industrial output value, and with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the market space is broader

however, according to Han Jiazeng, vice president of China Packaging Technology Association, on the road to a powerful packaging country, there are still problems such as small enterprise scale, low industrial concentration, slow technological progress, and serious deficiencies in regulations and standards. These problems are also common in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. Professionals specially noted that the current pharmaceutical packaging industry is highly competitive, and every product is fighting a price war. Taking butyl rubber stopper as an example, the price war has swallowed up the profit space of the product and directly led to the decline of product quality

Han Jiazeng said that China Packaging Technology Association will make great efforts to change the situation of small-scale packaging enterprises, low industrial concentration and lack of packaging enterprise groups with certain influence and competitiveness in the world, strengthen the construction of a number of packaging professional production bases in Zhongshan, Jiangyin, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Hangzhou "Asian Packaging center", and build a broad platform for Chinese packaging enterprises to integrate into economic globalization

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