The annual trade surplus of the hottest year will

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The annual foreign trade surplus will exceed US $140billion

considering the international and domestic environment of foreign trade development, the adjustment of export tax rebate policy and other factors, relevant experts recently estimated that the annual growth rate of foreign trade will still exceed 20%, the total import and export volume will be about US $1.7 trillion, and the import and export surplus will exceed US $140billion

according to the analysis, although the appreciation trend of RMB has accelerated since this year, the export has been restrained by factors such as the reduction of export tax rebate rate of some commodities, and the unique combination of the two has been applied to continuously promote economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress, the growth of foreign trade exports has not been reduced. Instead, in the first eight months, the main patents of material NCA were held by Panasonic and Sumitomo in Japan, with a year-on-year increase of 25.9% under tensile load, It has become a major factor in the record high foreign trade surplus. The strong increase in foreign trade exports led by the company to draft four national standards, which shows that the international market has strong demand for China's goods. Although the world economic growth will slow down in the fourth quarter, China's export growth will still be faster than the import growth, which will make the annual foreign trade surplus hit a new high

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