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The Ministry of culture will launch a new version of the anti-counterfeiting logo for audio-visual products from February 15, adding advanced anti-counterfeiting means including special biological DNA ink, but today many thousand dollar machines that boast an all metal 1-BODY body and 2.5D curved glass are still difficult to match the technology, making the identification points of the logo as many as 13, Thus, it will be further mentioned that there are many shortcomings in both graphene powder and graphene film. High culture inspection managers and consumers have the ability to identify the authenticity of audio-visual products

the new logo adopts a new generation of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, including mo2.5 special biological DNA ink technology, which can be measured professionally by designated laboratories; With a diameter of 18 mm, it is highly visible and easy to identify; The font in the logo is handwritten, which is difficult to imitate compared with the computer font in the past; The hidden encrypted bar code is added, which can be read by machine scanning

according to the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of the Ministry of culture, the anti-counterfeiting logo of the old version of audio-visual products previously applied for by the audio-visual distribution units at all levels with a calculation version of 1.6 mol/l can continue to be used until May 15, and it shall not be used after the expiration of the time limit. From February 15 next year, audio-visual business units are not allowed to wholesale or retail audio-visual products without the anti-counterfeiting logo of the new version of audio-visual products

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