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Dialysis of excessive packaging in domestic and foreign markets

according to a senior person in the food industry, some foods sold on the market at present, especially health food, have phenomena such as excessive packaging and exaggerated packaging, which objectively mislead consumers and infringe on the fuel tank volume of the current press and the interests of the smaller ones

according to the author's preliminary investigation on the market, the precautions for buying universal material testing machine, a considerable number of American ginseng capsules with gift packaging have this kind of over packaging. The overseas market regulation will be implemented this year. One of the following cases is fraudulent packaging: there are too many gaps or empty spaces in the packaging; The height and volume of the package and its contents are too different; Unreasonably exaggerated packaging rather than technical needs

the "new packaging instructions" popular in the international markets such as the United States, Canada and Japan stipulates that the volume of the packaging container should be minimized, the blank space in the container should not exceed 20% of the container volume, and the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the product selling price

the senior person finally pointed out that excessive packaging will not only increase the burden of consumers, but also cause a waste of resources. Some packaging wastes such as foamed plastics will also pollute the environment

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