The annual throughput of Haitian Wharf in Xiamen p

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The annual throughput of Xiamen Port Haitian terminal exceeds 920000 TEU

the latest statistics show that the container throughput of Xiamen Port Haitian terminal, the largest container terminal in Fujian Province, in 2002 has exceeded that of plastic steel, which is an indicator to measure the development level of a national plastic industry, reaching 929395teu, accounting for 51.6% of the container throughput of the whole port. This marks that the handling capacity and service level of Haitian wharf have been recognized by the majority of shipping companies

In 2002, Haitian container terminal was supported by municipal leaders and departments at all levels to automatically control temperature, automatically record time and automatically alarm. In order to realize the leap forward development of production, it began to carry out deep-water transformation of the terminal, so that the water depth at the front of the terminal reached more than - 15 meters, meeting the berthing needs of the sixth generation container ships

at the same time, the company has spent a lot of money to introduce four super Panamax loading and unloading bridges and eight new gantry cranes using fatigue testing machines. Among them, the lifting height of the quayside bridge is 36 meters, the extension distance is 56 meters, and the lifting weight is 55 tons. It is equipped with double box lifting appliances, which has the characteristics of high parameters and advanced technology; The gantry crane has a lifting capacity of 41 tons and can stack up to 6 layers of containers. The comprehensive handling capacity of the wharf has been greatly improved, and the production has jumped to a new level

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