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Now the house price is getting higher and higher. Many people have bought their houses, but they haven't been decorated. Decoration actually costs a lot of money. If you don't understand decoration and don't make a budget list in advance, you will find that money is unconsciously spending more and more, so how can you save money by decoration? Now let's take a look at simple decoration to save money, and chat with you about the most cost-effective simple decoration skills

simple decoration to save money

1 Find a place that saves the most money at home. The first space is the living room, which is the facade of the home, so it accounts for a relatively high cost in the budget. Then how to save money in simple decoration, that is, reduce carpentry, and use light to create an atmosphere. Light is the cheapest and most effective of all decoration. In addition, the wall is only painted and then decorated with pictures, which can fully show the momentum of the living room, although it doesn't cost much, The effect is also good

2. Then there is the bedroom. Although the bedroom is a private space, it is indeed the place where we spend the longest time. Therefore, in the simple decoration of saving money, we can pay attention to the shaping of flavor, not the main lamp, but the combination of bedside wall and light, supplemented by desk lamp, indirect light and main wall wallpaper, which is equivalent to the price of the buyer's lamp, but can create a soft atmosphere

3. The third area is the bathroom. As we all know, the bathroom is also very expensive. How to achieve the most cost-effective simple decoration, ceramic tiles and bathroom equipment, try to choose domestic brands. The shower sliding door is directly mounted on the bathtub or directly assembled with sliding doors and ceramic tiles to form a shower room, which can separate dry and wet, and the construction is simple

precautions for simple decoration

1. Some people just want to save money blindly, but forget about the quality, so they don't put the right shape. Saving money and simple decoration don't mean to sacrifice health. Now there are many indoor pollution, mainly formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive substances. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of materials and the effective control of pollution

2. In order to save money, there are many factors to implement. You can't choose cheap materials and go to inferior and unqualified products. If you sacrifice the harm of your body to save material decoration, this is not the principle of simple decoration for families

the above topic is about saving money and simple decoration. In fact, there is still a lot to say, but I hope you know that how much you spend is not directly related to whether you live well, as long as you are satisfied with the decoration





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