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During the construction of medium and dark latex paint, try not to mix water, otherwise it is easy to have color differences

it is not enough to buy a beautiful toilet, because the installation of the toilet needs to meet certain conditions, otherwise the most beautiful toilet can only become a decoration

first of all, according to the connection mode of the water tank and the base, the toilet can be divided into two types: connected and separated. According to different drainage systems, it can be divided into flushing type and siphon type. According to the drainage mode, the toilet can also be divided into horizontal (wall row) and bottom row (lower row) types. The first thing consumers should choose is the flushing principle of the toilet, that is, flushing or siphoning. Generally speaking, the siphon type is: under the vacuum state, due to the action of atmospheric pressure, the toilet pipe quickly forms a liquid column height difference, resulting in a pressure difference, so that the water flow flows from the high water level under pressure to the low water level under pressure, and fills the sewage pipe until the water flow is completely discharged and flushed into the air. The flushing type refers to relying on the effective water volume to give full play to the maximum potential energy with the fastest flow rate and maximum flow, cover the dirt in the toilet, and discharge the dirt out of the toilet. At present, the siphon toilet is more popular in the market

after choosing the toilet, the actual situation of the bathroom cannot be ignored. The toilet can be selected in the following order according to the actual situation of the toilet

first of all, you should determine the type of purchase according to your actual situation and personal preferences, such as one-piece toilet or split toilet, extended toilet or ordinary toilet; Secondly, you should confirm whether the drainage position of your toilet is discharged horizontally into the wall or downward into the ground, so as to facilitate your next choice. Among them, when it is confirmed that the need is to drain the toilet, we must clarify the concept of wall distance. The so-called wall distance refers to the distance from the center line of the ground (toilet) to the finished wall. When it is confirmed that what is needed is horizontal drainage toilet, the concept of distance must be clearly defined. The so-called ground distance refers to the distance from the center line of the drain after sitting in the toilet to the finished ground

finally, after choosing the toilet, you must purchase the water inlet pipe and angle valve of the water tank. Many customers often forget to buy supporting products and allow decorators to assemble by themselves. As a result, the corner valve often leaks and consumers suffer unnecessary losses





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