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When the water, electricity and paint are over, it is getting closer and closer to the end of the decoration. Mr. Chen has just finished his busy painting, and now he is putting into the final completion and installation. Sometimes, reality and ideal always run counter to each other. For example, you want to install a crystal lamp of your heart, but reality always makes trouble for you, so how does Mr. Chen deal with it

house information: 68 ㎡

decoration style: Modern

decoration method: half package

community: Ruijin Beicun community in Nanjing

decoration progress: completion and installation

decoration duration: 20 days

on April 1, 2014, I chose to use wallpaper

originally intended to use the whole house latex paint, but I think the color matching method recommended by the decoration company can't guarantee the effect, coupled with the worry about the painters, Intentional use of wallpaper

the living room is a beige 3D striped wallpaper, which is the most expensive and thickest. The effect of pasting is the best. The gap can't be seen at all. The most satisfactory one:

the master bedroom is a beige ordinary wallpaper with a dot of suede. The thickness is medium, and the effect of pasting is OK. The gap can't be seen:

the children's room is a light blue wallpaper with white dots, which is the thinnest and a little like the pure paper bought before, However, this one is still non-woven. The price is the same as that of the master bedroom. The master's paste is not very good, and the gap is relatively obvious. The worst one is:

April 1, 2014 installation of lamp hardware

it's interesting to say that the original water and electricity master has become a contractor a few months later. He contacted him to install lamps and hardware. He sent two masters to come, and he also attended, but he didn't start. The installation workload is very heavy. Only one master can work, so I can't do much in a day. It's just Sunday, and I'll do it with him. My father will help me, and basically I'll install a 7788

Delixi's simple European switch has a good visual effect, but the handle is a little poor. Fortunately, the material is OK:

Rex's surface mounted spotlight (4W). These spotlights made by the designer have made me bleed a lot, which is heartbreaking:




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