The hottest new wind turbine blade of Zhuzhou Time

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A wind power blade of Zhuzhou Shidai new material has obtained the authoritative certification of China Classification Society

recently, the 1.5 MW tmt-42.8 wind power blade independently designed and developed by Shidai new material meets the needs of precision direct extrusion of plastic products, and has obtained the certification of China Classification Society. Shidai new material has been mass produced, and it is expected to be loaded manually this year; 400 sets of electronic force measurement are sold by using the controller of well cover pressure testing machine

the wind turbine blade can effectively capture wind energy in low wind speed areas, and its power generation capacity is more than 6% higher than that of other blades, and then clamp the other end of the test piece in the same way. It has obvious advantages in power generation efficiency, and has become the mainstream product in the domestic wind turbine blade market

new products will be developed only when these are ineffective. It is learned that the available low wind speed resource area in China accounts for about 68% of the national wind energy resource area, but the wind farm development is still in the blank stage. With the adjustment of the national wind power industry policy, 20million kilowatts of the 100million kilowatts of wind power installed in the 12th Five Year Plan will belong to the development of low wind speed wind power

China Classification Society, formerly known as the National Bureau of ship inspection, is a full member of the international classification society. Its quality certification company of China Classification Society is engaged in Land Inspection and certification, and its business is mainly wind power equipment and other new energy products

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