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New Year pictures have made great contributions to mankind release date: Source: Tianjin

"our Chinese nation has created a series of new year culture, and our vision, hearing and taste are full of the joy of new year. What a great and lovely nation, how able to live and how able to create life! Facing the ancients, we can only learn from them and understand them." The day before yesterday morning, the "new year 2020 - New Year pictures and new year culture special exhibition" hosted by fengjicai Institute of literature and art of Tianjin University opened in Zhengdong Library of Tianda Beiyang Park Campus. At the opening ceremony, fengjicai, a famous writer and cultural scholar, talked to the participants about his understanding of New Year pictures and new year culture

the Spring Festival is the most important festival of the Chinese nation. 2. It is the climax of people's life and emotions throughout the year. However, nowadays, the "New Year's flavor" seems to be getting weaker and weaker, especially many young people have "no feeling" about the new year. In fengjicai's view, these phenomena are caused by a lack of understanding of the customs and culture of the year. He said: "The Spring Festival is approaching, and the Spring Festival transportation has already begun. This is the Chinese nation's kind affection for its land and life. It is one of the great cohesive forces of the Chinese nation. Many ancient civilizations in the world have been lost, but our Chinese civilization can survive. It lies in the cohesion and vitality of our civilization itself. Therefore, we must face it, understand it, and think about it. Only on this basis can we truly understand it, and then we can love it It is possible to have consciousness. "

relying on the academic advantages and rich collection of fengjicai Institute of literature and art of Tianjin University, this special exhibition displays a large number of New Year pictures, paper cuts, lanterns, ancient books, old photos, etc., aiming to use these carriers as a "key" to open up a broad world of new year culture for college teachers and students. Among them, New Year pictures are the most important exhibits in the special exhibition. Fengjicai said: "New Year pictures have a long history. In ancient times, door gods were the first to appear. But painting on doors is not a folk custom, because everyone can't paint. Only two things appear in life can form folk customs. One is block printing and the other is papermaking. They are exactly two of the four great inventions of the Chinese nation. Therefore, New Year pictures contain two important creations of the Chinese nation and make great contributions to mankind."

fengjicai said that through various efforts, many new year pictures have been "revived" in China. At present, there are more than 40 New Year pictures. New Year pictures are not only folk crafts, but also the carrier and inheritor of new year culture. He said: "New Year pictures are the 'television' in the homes of the ancient people. There are many folk dramas, stories, legends and myths in the New Year pictures, which are the contents that the people should talk about at any time of the year. It is a tool for cultural communication. The New Year pictures are more closely related to the nation. There are a large number of auspicious symbols in the New Year pictures. Each symbol represents people's desire for life in the new year. For example, bats are used to represent happiness and persimmons are used to represent everything safe Symbols, for example, peony represents wealth, vase represents peace... We have countless auspicious symbols. These symbols are patterned and become very beautiful. Each place of origin has different images. "

"our annual culture is not bottomed out, and there are a large number of intensive contents waiting for us to understand and explore," fengjicai said. "In the process of exploring and understanding, we will certainly understand how our people love the land ----- the land and life of limingyan, general manager of Jabil green dot mold center. Because we have helped it break an old world. We love the land and life, and we must also love the country and the future."

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