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Carter Intelligence: a "new weapon" of the "old Jianghu"

Carter Intelligence: a "new weapon" of the "old Jianghu"

China Construction Machinery Information

Hunan in July is not cool even at night. On a summer night in 2011, Chenzhou was already asleep. At a construction site outside the city, several large construction machinery were still busy working. The rumbling sound made people feel the hot construction site as warm as the temperature. The first two-way six lane Expressway under construction here is Guiwu expressway, the first two-way six lane Expressway in Hunan Province. After the line is completed, it will greatly relieve the traffic pressure of Beijing Hong Kong Macao Expressway and play an important role in the economic development of central and southern Hunan. Liumumin, the owner who subcontracted the road section, and his construction team have been fighting here for nearly three months. In a few days, they will become the first team to complete the project. As an old Jianghu man who has been involved in the field of highway construction for decades, the "new weapon" applied this time made Liu herdsman one month ahead of the original completion time. At the beginning of undertaking the project, he had not even found a suitable grader operator

Liu Mu min's task is to construct the upper layer of the soil subgrade and the cushion between the soil subgrade and the water stable layer. After receiving this project, liumumin went to Xinchang Hunan leasing company to rent graders and other equipment as usual. However, he was very worried about the delay in finding a suitable operator. The grader is the most difficult to control among almost all earth moving equipment. However, it is also the key equipment to achieve the cushion precision and flatness that Liu Mu Min wants to do. Therefore, the requirements for the operator are very high. Over the years, an experienced and skilled grader operator is hard to find. After learning about his difficulties, the local cat dealer Xinchang introduced him to the concept of digital construction, and the sharp tool to realize digital construction is Carter's intelligent slope control system. Liumumin is a supplement: he is a bold boss in the forming conditions. Although he has long taken the automobile braking process as an example for Carter Intelligence: we heard about it when we stepped on the pedal, but we did not actually touch it. Out of full trust in caterpillar, liumumin accepted this new idea in fear and joined a The operator who had no experience in using the grader and used the innovative management method of the system was selected from the many ideas and had a short training together

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