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The new year begins with a red start. The first equipment of Dunan heavy industry in 2018 is ready to go

the new year is off to a good start. The first equipment of shield heavy industries in 2018 is ready to go

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auspicious snow heralds a bumper year. The spring breeze brings good news. At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. On january4,2018, with the efforts of all Dunan heavy industries and front-line employees, the dtr2005h full casing rotary drilling rig, the first equipment of Dunan heavy industries in the new year, was loaded and ready to go. It is about to usher in a new journey and continue to help the construction of the motherland

Dunan heavy industry's first equipment in 2018 is ready to go

this equipment departure is the happy beginning of Dunan heavy industry in the new year. It is an affirmation and encouragement to Dunan heavy industry and all employees who have prepared or participated in the formulation of more than 400 standards. It is also the trust and support of customers and friends from all walks of life. For a long time, Dunan heavy industry has been manufacturing with ingenuity, and has repaid the relationship support of customers and friends from all walks of life with excellent quality and unparalleled service. In the past year, our equipment participated in the construction of various complex strata in China, and made many contributions. This kind of process is that one piece of glass fiber composite with three Meiji sandwich plates is made of non-woven glass fiber sheets on both sides and a layer of corrugated paper (honeycomb structure) in the middle, which has won unanimous good reviews from customers! We have provided the market and users with one set of invulnerable piling tools, firmly occupying the peak of 20KN (3) 00kn casing rotary drilling rig industry with large full load

a good start to the new year

Dunan heavy industry full casing rotary drilling rig is independently developed by Dunan heavy industry. It is a new, environment-friendly and efficient drilling technology, which is widely used in urban subway, deep foundation pit maintenance bite pile, waste pile (underground barrier) cleaning, high-speed railway, road and bridge, and urban construction pile construction. It has outstanding advantages, advanced technology and complete functions. Under any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach any position of the work site, with large processing capacity and high degree of automation. It has broad market prospects in urban construction and other pile foundation fields

busy loading

advantages of full casing rotary drilling rig construction of Dunan heavy industry: 1. No noise, no vibration and high safety; 2. No hole collapse and high hole forming quality; 3. During construction drilling, the stratum and rock characteristics can be visually identified; 4. Fast drilling speed, about 14m/hour for general soil layer; 5. The drilling depth is large. According to the soil conditions, the maximum depth has reached 151m; 6. The hole perpendicularity is easy to master, and the perpendicularity can be accurate to 1/500; 7. The hole cleaning is complete and fast, and the drilling slag at the bottom of the hole can be cleaned to about 3.0cm. 8. Without slurry, the working surface is clean and environmentally friendly, and the possibility of slurry entering the concrete is avoided. The pile forming quality is high, which is conducive to improving the concrete's grip on the reinforcement. 9. The hole forming diameter is standard, and the filling coefficient is small. Compared with other hole forming methods, it can save a lot of concrete consumption

Dunan heavy industry equipment

looking back on 2017, Dunan heavy industry achieved remarkable results, which was inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees of the company, and also from the support and trust of all customers

Dunan heavy industry equipment on the construction site

new era and new journey. In 2018, we will not forget our original intention, forge ahead and live up to our dream and mission; Open the brilliant road of Dunan heavy industry in 2018 after compounding the material with Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK accessory system

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