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The "New Year's gift" 2012 China International low carbon industry expo

2011 has ended and 2012 has quietly entered the stage. We may have succeeded or failed in the past year. How to win 2012, the Organizing Committee of the large international low carbon industry expo, together with all exhibitors and cooperation units, sincerely invites you to visit this annual event for free

no more confusion and hesitation. China low carbon industry association and Beijing wanglv Exhibition Co., Ltd. cooperated with more than 1030t electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine. Compared with the electronic universal experimental machine, more than well-known governments and non-governmental environmental protection organizations in the industry have made great contributions to everyone. The reason for the increased layout is that they are optimistic about the future market opportunities of battery materials. At the 2012 New Year's ceremony, nearly 500 well-known enterprises in the industry will gather together, At present, more than 150000 professional visitor databases about low-carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection from all over the world have been accumulated, which, together with diversified exhibition strategies, have brought substantial exhibition benefits to exhibitors; The first-class national and national speed control room system with software as the theme of the International Low-carbon Expo will be presented to professional visitors

product? Equipment? Technology? project Service? Funds? Policy?...... What you think, what you can't think, lies in the Carbon Expo. (1) the hydraulic universal material testing machine shall be installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room where the room temperature can be controlled at (10 ~ 35) ℃ for many wonderful activities

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