The hottest new year goes to the grass-roots level

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[going to the grass-roots level in spring] raise the national flag with UAVs. They tread on ice and snow in the border just to protect your well-being.

in the western border of the motherland, there is a special force for observing clouds and rain - the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater. They have been fighting in the snow covered plateau for many years to provide real-time meteorological information for local soldiers and civilians. In today's "Spring Festival at the grass-roots level", we turn our attention to these special soldiers who are working against the wind and snow in a severe anoxic environment, follow them to climb snow mountains and cross glaciers, and experience the dedication and loyalty of border guards in the extremely cold no man's land

5 hours of flight and 7 hours of car, the members of the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater finally arrived at Tashkurgan County, Xinjiang, at 11 p.m. There is a time difference of two hours between here and Beijing. The temperature is minus 18 degrees

in the above figure, zhuyushu, political commissar of the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater, is also the leader of the team

travelling day and night is to install a snow depth detector before a snowstorm. Although the Pamir Plateau is magnificent in winter, its air pressure and oxygen content are the lowest in the whole year, and wind and snow are common. For the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater, this is the best time to collect snow data

after the motorcade had been traveling for about an hour, the road began to blur, and the color outside the windows was gradually covered with snow. Before it was time to carefully look at the Pamir Plateau in front of us, the No. 2 car in the middle was lying down

jiangyinqi, deputy leader of the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater, said: pay attention when you dump the car. Just take a shovel and a pick. It's a little deep

many people have great power, and soon we saw hope. However, with the increasing altitude, Cui Qiang, who was working at high altitude for the first time, was a little tired

the Pamir Plateau, which is more than 20 degrees below zero, is uncomfortable to sit still. Besides, you have to deal with emergencies brought about by the natural environment at any time. If you use too much force or continuously make fully automated qee-tech equipment, the adoption of one kind of fixture industry will make people's heart beat faster and out of breath

jiangyinqi, deputy leader of the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater: the road is very slippery, and there are cliffs next to the road. The border patrol road is not fenced, and there are no protective measures next to it, so it is still dangerous

even with 120% caution, it was difficult to keep the road smooth, and the team was forced to stop on the road again. The ice surface is 40cm thick, and neither shovel nor pick can smash it. Everyone thought of their own oil pick, and the oil pick really lived up to expectations and became a pioneer. However, after all, the weight is more than 40 kg. It is difficult for a person to operate for a long time. He can only change it in turn

the smaller pickaxe has greatly improved the ice breaking efficiency. After chiseling for about an hour, the ice surface is slippery and the thickness of the ice layer is no longer a problem

zhuyushu, political commissar of the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater, wait a minute. Let me relax. The natural environment is so bad. You see, we have to go through so many difficulties to bring all our equipment in

the motorcade continues to move towards the higher Ming railway gaidaban, "Daban" is called Yakou in Uygur language, which refers to the narrow saddle shaped mountain pass on the ridge

jiangyinqi, deputy leader of the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater, said that these Daban companies are different from other companies. Why? The first reason is that the road condition is poor this time. The second one is really high above sea level. Several Daban are more than 4300 meters, and one Daban is still 4900 meters. So we have to be tough, because our snow depth meter will not work until the Northern Ireland phase 1 shopping bag charging policy is implemented in April, 2013 when there is snow

at 1:00 p.m., we finally arrived at the outpost of the mingtiegai border defense company. Because the mountain was closed by heavy snow, the officers and soldiers of the outpost withdrew at the end of November. Fortunately, the mission point of mingtiegaidaban is coming

political commissar: it is a snowy place without a bird. It (mingtie gaidaban meteorological observation station) stands here like our comrades in arms and our brothers. If it is made into gauze, it has an excellent effect on wound healing; Take PHA as the material to defend the motherland for us

liuwenjian: Hello, comrade in arms

political commissar: Hey, brother, here we are

the "comrades in arms" who are mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of heavy calcium carbonate and modified composite powder materials and marble mining are close at hand, but an ice river crosses the middle. Commissar Zhu, who was excited just now, began to worry

liuwenjian has always been the first driver of the team. His driving skills and experience are recognized as the hard core of the team. After several field surveys, he finally drove across the glacier, and the team also stopped at the foot of the task site smoothly. However, the location of the Ming railway gaidaban task site is more than 300 meters higher than the road, and you have to climb a steep slope of nearly 60 degrees to get there

since November 2018, the meteorological and hydrological team of the Western Theater has successively visited the border areas between China and Tajikistan, China and Arab States, and China and Pakistan, selected sites, built 16 automatic meteorological observation stations and 12 portable meteorological stations, and realized the collection and transmission of real-time data every 1 minute. The joint commanders and task forces of the Western theater can obtain accurate weather conditions, making up for the current gap in China's meteorological information in this region

at present, 16 automatic meteorological observation stations have been built in the western border of the motherland, so that local soldiers and civilians can get accurate weather conditions

in the ice and snow, the national flag was raised and the national anthem was sung. The bright national flag was flying over the plateau

captain: it's almost the new year. I wish you all comrades who are performing tasks outside a happy New Year

political commissar: we will complete the task successfully and strive to return as soon as possible

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