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Xiamen new year decoration discount many home decoration enterprises are busy storing customers

Xiamen new year decoration discount many home decoration enterprises are busy storing customers

December 11, 2013

[China paint information] the new year is approaching. Xiamen home decoration enterprises are busy grasping the construction progress of the construction site under construction and also using a variety of materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and titanium, while taking advantage of the year-end nodes to engage in activities, serve new and old owners and save customer resources, Lay the foundation for the decoration market in the new year

there are many new year decoration discounts

recently, many owners are busy with the formalities of house delivery, regardless of the medium and high-end buildings such as tietieyuan Bay on the island, or the newly needed buildings such as Xiang'an Lianhua Shangcheng and Lingxiang international off the island, which undoubtedly injects new vitality into the decoration market in Xiamen in the new year

some of these owners are worried about the delivery of their houses at this node, and are hesitant to accept the New Year decoration? It is only more than a month since the discovery of traditional spring graphene in 2004, which quickly triggered a global research hot spot. What can owners who have just obtained the new house key do? In response to this, many home decoration companies began to launch the new year's decoration business, and promised to place orders with customers. They would not raise the price because it was close to the end of the year, and the actual price would be implemented according to the contract when placing orders

"there are special offers for cross year booking, and there are surprises for signing." Zhangxuefeng, deputy general manager of sincere decoration, told us that on December 15, the company would hold the activity of "cross year reservation to enjoy a big brand is not expensive" to serve new and old customers with sincere service and enthusiasm. In this event, customers who sign contracts in the new year will enjoy a variety of preferential gifts. All customers who have decided to decorate in the spring will not be affected by the price increase of labor and material costs, and will also enjoy various preferential policies promised by the company

manager Zhou of Fuwangda decoration and KuoDa decoration planning department said that the group would carry out a large-scale joint exhibition week of designer works from December 22 to 29 and launch preferential activities. No matter the owner who has just got the new house key or the old owner who plans to decorate in the new year, they can interact with the designer on the site and listen to the opinions of the famous designer. At the same time, those who make decisions on the site will enjoy huge discounts

relevant staff of decoration enterprises such as haoyiju decoration, Xingyi decoration, Wils decoration and Yezhifeng decoration said that during this period, the company was busy with the completion of projects under construction and was mainly considering the market next year. At the end of the year, the company will launch different activities and expect to accumulate some customers for the market next year

design before the year and decoration after the year

will the cost of workers rise near the Spring Festival? Check whether the water, electricity and gas systems of the equipment are at normal prices? What can owners who choose to decorate in the new year do just over a month away from the Spring Festival

according to the usual practice in previous years, the decoration downtime before the holiday next year will probably be around January 15, that is to say, there is still one month before the holiday. For the current owners, they can not only design the decoration years ago and years later, but also complete the wall building, painting and maintenance first. If they do it quickly, the water and electricity can also be completed

yaojianfeng, chief designer of Fuwangda decoration, said that relatively speaking, the decoration pressure plate size at the end of the year (mm): φ 150 the company has relatively sufficient staff in all aspects, and the service provided must be more up to standard. It takes at least two weeks for a scheme to be planned and finalized. If you want to fully express the owner's ideas, you need more communication and field measurement. A month's time can not only make the communication more sufficient, but also give the designer more space to think, and the final design scheme will be more perfect. After the design is determined, the project can be started directly in years

xiongchuanhong, general manager of Welsh decoration, said that the New Year decoration can be completed by building walls, painting, maintenance, and even water and electricity construction, and the next work will be carried out after the new year. Before the end of the year, the company will assign special personnel to carry out project acceptance, and the project acceptance will also be carried out before the start of the new year. The decoration can be continued only when there is no problem, so there will be no lack of connection. On the contrary, for waterproof construction, the test time is longer during the Spring Festival, which is a good thing for the owner

Qian, manager of KuoDa Decoration Engineering Department, suggested that basic projects should be completed before the new year, and ventilation and drying should be used during the new year. Other projects can be started after the new year, which will not affect the construction quality and will be easier to find problems

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