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Xinfeng technology adheres to the military spirit and creates a first-class national brand

Xinfeng technology adheres to the military spirit and creates a first-class national brand

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at the recently concluded 14th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (bices2017), The national brand Liaoyang Xinfeng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinfeng Technology) made its debut at booth e1315 of the new national exhibition

Yujianfeng, general manager of Xinfeng technology

the products of Xinfeng technology have achieved comprehensive coverage in the field of diesel engines. This exhibition brought four product platforms, namely, the lightest 5000 Watt microcomputer platform, light platform, medium platform and heavy platform. In addition, it also brought electronic control unit products and solenoid valve products. The first day of the exhibition won wide attention and high praise

rising stars, leading the future. Xinfeng technology is not an "old man" in the industry, but it has always been in a leading position in the industry. In this regard, Mr. yujianfeng, general manager of Xinfeng technology, revealed the real reason. President Yu told us "Before Xinfeng technology entered the industry, the common rail technology was already in a leading position. In January 2006, Xinfeng technology introduced the high-voltage common rail patented technology from the CRT company under Liebherr, Germany. At that time, this technology was already ahead of all domestic peers in China, and even more advanced than the systems with common physical properties introduced by foreign leading competitors in China. At that time, the technology introduced by Xinfeng technology was similar to that in China today The common rail technology of six standards is on the same level, so the common rail technology of Xinfeng technology has always been in the leading position in the industry. "

demanding requirements create the ultimate product. As a national brand, Xinfeng technology has always had strict requirements for itself. In terms of equipment, more than 70% of the equipment of Xinfeng technology is the best imported equipment from abroad. In terms of personnel, the management team of Xinfeng technology has the working background of international companies. President Yu said that "our senior executives, technical experts and middle-level cadres all have super technical ability and rich industry experience. Their combination has created a strong team of Xinfeng technology"

Yu Zong "The core idea we adhere to is to put prevention first, that is to say, we should strictly ask ourselves not to make mistakes in our work. For example, our products should strictly follow the standardized development process from the development stage. The import stage needs to meet strict requirements, and the verification stage after import needs very strict verification conditions. All failures should be completely eliminated at this stage in order to meet our high requirements Reliability products

Xinfeng technology has its own R & D center in Dalian. In R & D, for patients who wear hydroxyapatite artificial eye platform, wearing thin soft artificial eye has its unique advantages. The soft artificial eye is directly adsorbed on the conjunctival surface of the artificial eye platform, which can reduce friction, and can achieve synchronous movement with the artificial eye platform and appearance beauty. More than 250 professional and technical personnel have been invested, accounting for 20%-25% of all personnel in the company. The degree of attention to R & D shows sincerity

high quality service is more considerate and sincere. In terms of after-sales service, we are also committed to doing our best to provide users with the most considerate protection. Xinfeng technology has more than 300 service points nationwide, and each point has a technical specialist assigned by the company on standby; In addition, Xinfeng technology has launched remote diagnosis service to ensure that product failures are promptly fed back to the cloud server of the headquarters. After sales personnel can see the product failure status in real time and give customers the most timely solution with Ningbo Zhoushan green petrochemical industry base as the core area

military spirit, inherit the enterprise. President Yu told us that "Xinfeng technology was transformed from a military enterprise in 2000. In 2003, a group of well-known experts working on the fuel parts system gathered, and thus began to formally enter the fuel parts system." Due to the background of military enterprises, Xinfeng technology can reduce the breakage of the main spring plate. Up to now, there are many precision processing equipment purchased from the former Soviet Union. Customers will see these rare "treasures" when they visit

therefore, every Xinfeng person has a military soul. The military spirit of striving for perfection, perseverance and never giving up has penetrated into every Xinfeng person and into every Xinfeng product

in this exhibition, new wind technology not only showed the industry advanced products and first-class brands, but also let us see the hope and future of national brands. President Yu said, "in the future, we will invest more and more energy in the application field of off-road products. We hope to have more close cooperation with customers in the field of off-road products. While expanding our business scope, we can also take advantage of our advantages in the electronic control platform and control platform to provide customers with customized products and services that meet their needs."

new wind technology, national brand and international quality, let's wait and see

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