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The main factor that affects the accuracy of xinxiangyin is systematic error. The cross-border fire of cotton soft towels comes out of the circle

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"towel aesthetics leads Xianchao" xinxiangyin cotton soft towels cooperate with Yongle Palace mural art museum to carry out cross-border cooperation. The joint brand series cotton soft towels appreciation meeting was grandly held in Xiamen, Lu Island

xinxiangyin cotton soft towel has been committed to communicating with contemporary young people and advocating the concept of exquisite life. Continue to explore the best opportunities and ways to communicate with young people, hoping to further narrow the relationship between the brand and the new generation of young users. In recent years, the rapid rise of Guochao culture has ushered in a golden period for the promotion of domestic brand value. Xinxiangyin cotton soft towel began to focus on Chinese cultural IP. Yongle Palace was born 200 years earlier than the Forbidden City. It is one of the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, and it is also an 800 year old Oriental Art Palace. There are mural buildings with the largest number of people, the largest single area and the most complete preservation here. Such crossover aims to combine popularity with tradition, inherit classics, and combine young people's aesthetic taste and popular circle culture

the co branded series of products impact the experimental model on the outer package. The LCD display measurement system is used to vividly interpret the beautiful and flexible picture of the mural of Yongle Palace, skillfully use traditional elements, extract the keyword "Fairy" from the wall painting of Yongle Palace, and spread it. The connotation of IP culture is integrated into the Brand Co branded story, giving the products more profound and interesting content. It starts with appearance and is loyal to quality. Under the gorgeous outer packaging, it is a cotton soft towel made of 100% high-quality natural face material, 200mm*200mm oversized, dry and wet, soft on the skin. These solid selling points can meet the multiple needs of users

the immersive visual and spiritual experience at this Tianting facial towel tasting can be said to be the ultimate. The whole venue is decorated around the most distinctive mural element of Yongle Palace. The fairyland atmosphere is elegant and beautiful, making the guests feel like they are in the beautiful scenery of the heaven, and the moment they step into the venue, they will become like fairies falling into the mortal world. Through the fairy cave with ethereal air, the mysterious passage led the guests to yaochi district to explore. Lingbao Pavilion is equipped with ancient style interaction, coupled with the melodious sound of zither and pipa, which makes people more impressed by this tasting

xinxiangyin cotton soft towel takes the combination of classic and popular, niche culture and public aesthetics to the extreme. It not only invites well-known fashion blogger aqin and antique KOL zhongmanfei as the brand platform, but also attracts a group of antique circle experts to punch in on site. The highlight of the play is full of attractions. The joint interpretation of holographic technology and dance artists will tell the story of the joint names, and take the on-site guests through ancient and modern myths to understand the moving legend behind the product. The show is divided into four chapters, which not only conforms to the four seasons positioning of the product series, but also continues the oriental aesthetics through the change of seasons

the wave of comprehensive upgrading of consumption is rolling in, which is not only a "quantitative change" of "spending more money", but also a "qualitative change" of upgrading consumption ideas. As consumption has become an important driving force for domestic economic development in recent years, the tissue industry has also ushered in new challenges and opportunities. Under the trend of high-end consumption and younger consumer groups, xinxiangyin cotton soft towel skillfully uses the wall painting element of Yongle Palace through this joint event, combines the oriental aesthetics represented by IP with product quality, and improves product recognition. The error value of impact energy is to use the appearance value as the starting point, occupy the young mind, and directly hit the user's needs. It also adopts the current popular way to collide with traditional culture, redefines the national trend in a short time, puts forward "towel aesthetics", advocates a more refined lifestyle, and leads the market

as a well-known domestic brand, xinxiangyin cotton soft towel has the spirit of innovation and change throughout multiple layers of soft packaging, such as research and development, manufacturing, marketing, etc. it requires a tensile testing machine with multiple uses, pursues more extreme and high-quality products, and constantly upgrades its marketing methods. It took the lead in proposing the unique concept of "Xianchao", integrating the connotation of IP Culture into the joint story, giving the product more profound and interesting content, and making it stand out in the market

it is undeniable that the joint name of xinxiangyin cotton soft towel and yonglegong IP has set a new example for traditional FMCG brands to achieve brand rejuvenation

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