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Doosan service story: change the service concept to win the trust of customers

Doosan service story: change the service concept to win the trust of customers

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Zhejiang customer boss Wang, with more than 10 Doosan equipment. Since 2013, Doosan has set up a key customer service station in Zhejiang to regularly maintain and repair customer equipment in Zhejiang

Doosan is deeply aware that in addition to reliable product quality, timely and high-quality after-sales service guarantee is also one of the important factors to be considered when customers purchase machines. Doosan actively changed the traditional service concept, carried out various service activities, closely focused on customers, and then derived a lot of value service chains

while Doosan's service concept has changed positively, Doosan's service personnel have also changed bit by bit. Everyone will actively take customers' problems as their own from the perspective of customers, and provide products and services higher than customers' expectations

due to the difficulties in project management in recent years, boss Wang raised the problem of high financial pressure to Doosan maintenance personnel. However, maintenance products and accessories are bound to be purchased. In order to help customers get through the difficulties hand in hand, Doosan service personnel recommended the form of simultaneous purchase of services and accessories to customers after on-site investigation and discussion, integrating boss Wang's equipment performance and construction environment. When boss Wang's friction coefficient in the process of selecting accessories suitable for his own equipment is too large, We can also enjoy Doosan's customized professional settings and more suitable speed maintenance services. This way not only saves some funds, but also enables Doosan to provide 24-hour value-added services for equipment, eliminating customers' worries. Boss Wang was very satisfied with the suggestions given by the service staff, and then reached an agreement. Boss Wang said, "I always thought that service was the maintenance of equipment. I didn't expect that there were so many services. Doosan was more and more considerate."

"customers are the reason for our existence", which means that no matter what happens, we should make decisions based on the assumption that customers operate faster, listen to and respect customers' opinions, and meet customers' wishes. Our success depends on the standards and satisfaction of our customers, not on our internal policies and standards

today, when the municipal level 2 protection requires the partial disassembly and review of equipment and the increasingly fierce competition in the repair field, the service concept of Doosan and the service awareness of maintenance personnel have changed greatly. While pursuing the efficiency and quality of service, we pay more attention to the common growth with customers to achieve a win-win situation

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