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Geologists question whether Guilin expressway should be built

geologists question whether Guilin expressway should be built

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Guide: host: Voice of the people, sentiment of the people, public opinion, audience friends good afternoon, here is "common concern". As the saying goes, if you want to be rich, you should first build roads, improve traffic conditions and drive economic development. This model has been widely recognized in China. However, recently in Guilin, Guangxi, this model has been

host: Voice of the people, sentiment of the people, public opinion, audience friends, good afternoon, here is "common concern". As the saying goes, "if you want to be rich, build roads first" and improve traffic conditions to drive economic development has been widely recognized in China. Recently, however, in Guilin, Guangxi, this model has been challenged by several local geologists. In order to prevent the construction of Guilin Yangshuo section of Guiwu expressway, these geologists have even written to the Central Committee. Then, why do these experts want to compete with the local government? Why must we stop the construction of expressway, especially Guilin Yangshuo section? With such questions, we rushed to Guilin

after arriving in Guilin, I met these experts in geology at the Institute of karst geology of the Chinese Academy of geology. They are:

yuan Daoxian, 72 years old, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher of the Institute of karst geology of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and director of the Key Laboratory of karst dynamics of the Ministry of land and resources

Zhu Xuewen, 71 years old, researcher of Institute of karst geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and President of Cave Research Association, Chinese Geological Society

Wu Yingke, 73 years old, researcher of Institute of karst geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, technical consultant of Guangxi tourism planning and Design Institute

Cui Guangzhong, 76 years old, researcher of Institute of karst geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

the ages of these four old men add up to more than 300 years old. According to reason, these old people have reached the time of retirement, but this time they have become the initiator and even the initiator of the event. So what is it that makes these old people so angry. The origin of the matter is like this. In order to connect Guilin more directly with the Pearl River Delta and better develop Guilin's tourism resources, the local government decided to start the construction of the Guilin Wuzhou expressway. The problem lies in the passing route of Yangshuo section of Guiwu expressway. Because this 67 kilometer long highway will cross the karst peak forest dense area west of Yuling River in Guilin

expert: as far as I know, I think this expressway needs to be built. There is a way to go. Why do you have to go to this place? That is to say, its integrity is relatively good in the air and in the whole field of vision, so we feel that no matter what reason, this highway can't go here. One vote veto is one vote veto, just protect this landscape of nature, and you can't pass here. Our karst landform is unique in the world, and Guilin is the representative of karst landform in China. Especially Yangshuo and cattail are its representatives. Their idea is to build this road into the most beautiful jungle, where people sit in cars and cars travel in the scenery

the special peak forest and peak cluster geological landforms mentioned by these old experts are unique to Guilin. The most perfectly developed humid tropical and subtropical karst landforms in the world have the largest distribution area in the world, the highest aesthetic value of the landscape, the most typical, rare and irreplaceable, and are extremely precious world natural heritage. The World Encyclopedia of karst geology published by an impent of Taylor andfrancis group makes a detailed record and description of this special geological landform in Guilin, and names the same geological landform areas in the world with Chinese peak forests and peak clusters

after learning that Guiyang expressway is about to pass through this unique peak forest landform in the world, Zhu Xuewen, Wu Yingke, Cui Guangzhong and other old scholars have conducted many field visits to Gaotian, Putao, Liutang and other places along the expressway. After arriving in Guilin, these old experts led them to conduct a field survey again

after many field visits, these old experts confirmed that the route design of Guilin Yangshuo section of Guilin Wuzhou expressway is unreasonable, and this 67 km expressway will completely destroy the originality and integrity of the peak forest landform with world significance

Wu Yingke: This is such a small section of shianyan in Putao town of Guiyang Expressway (highway). This is a typical karst landform. It is a peak forest landform. Its peak and plain are combined to form this peak forest plain. Our highway runs along this, basically along the plain of the peak forest plain, but some of it may encounter mountains. To cut to the mountain, cut to the stone peak

Zhu Xuewen: we put forward such a proposal to the premier, which means that we are in a very urgent mood. So this mood means that this place can't build highways. Then you can see that this place is an important part of the whole Peak Forest karst landform from Guilin to Yangshuo in Guilin. Then we are such a fixed

overall such a strip-shaped building, which is like a dragon, and it is a closed building, which separates our place into two halves. And this building has undoubtedly destroyed this natural state.

Cui Guangzhong: it is separated by a highly enclosed wall, and both sides cannot pass through. The line of sight is different in all aspects. Therefore, this permanent building that cuts through the tributary of Yulong River and this beautiful scenic spot should not be at all. If it is completed, the consequences will be endless

at the same time, experts also pointed out that the construction of this highway made Guilin lose the basic conditions for applying for World Natural Conservation heritage, resulting in irreversible historical mistakes

yuan Daoxian: once the expressway is built, we will lose the basic conditions for applying for the world heritage

Wu Yingke: because of the nature protection heritage, first, you can't destroy the natural landscape, you should keep the original appearance. After you set this road free, you can't maintain its original appearance, and the natural ecology will be destroyed, which is not in line with the conditions for applying for world natural heritage protection

in order to protect this unique natural heritage, these experts, together with several other geologists, put forward urgent suggestions. Change the direction of "Guiyang" expressway to avoid Guilin Fenglin landform area. However, the local government did not adopt the opinions of these experts

Guilin government officials: later, according to their opinions, we also found a lot of information. This area is not classified as peak forest and peak cluster, nor as the core area of scenic spots. So he said it belongs to the central area. At present, we haven't got the written basis

in this case, these experts and scholars wrote to the Central Committee. The central government quickly approved the requirements of these experts. On April 1, the Department of construction, the Department of communications of Guangxi Autonomous Region and other relevant departments and units held a symposium on this matter in Guilin. Academician Yuan Daoxian attended the symposium

yuan Daoxian: the debate at this meeting is very fierce, but nothing has changed at this meeting. We said it would affect, but they said it would not. Even if there is an impact, he can plant all trees on both sides of the road. We also disagree on this issue

after the meeting, the research group of the Ministry of communications, which presided over the meeting, submitted a research report on the construction plan of Guilin Yangshuo expressway. The report first affirmed the construction of the expressway and answered the relevant questions raised by Zhu Xuewen and other experts. First, there is no definite evidence that Guilin Yangshuo Expressway passes through the core scenic spot of peak forest landform, and the existing route is formulated in accordance with Guilin urban master plan and Guilin tourism development master plan. Second, the project now passes through only two sections that belong to peak forest and peak cluster landforms, accounting for only 0% and 27% of the total length. Third, the existing highway lines have avoided the Yulong River scenic spot

expert: personally, this harm is great. Even if the transportation department said that trees could be planted, it would break our whole peak forest in half, which would destroy its integrity. It was originally a complete range, about three to five kilometers wide from east to west and thirty or forty kilometers long from north to south. In this way, it was split into two parts, and the integrity of the whole was gone. It was not beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. Its particularity is not in the tree. It is from different angles, looking at its peaks pulled up from the ground one by one. It has a good hierarchy

Guilin government officials: they are blindly based on their professional problems, that is, seeing the peaks, forests and clusters. I think they may take into account economic development, as well as these aspects, including the cost of road investment. They certainly do not consider it. What experts say is also reasonable. But in our opinion, a highway construction can also match this scenic spot. It has a problem of coordination between roads and natural scenic spots. If there are no roads, you may not find some scenic spots. If there are roads, the roads are well built, and they cooperate with scenic spots, I often think it is better to add a better feeling to the landscape

in fact, the focus of the debate between the two sides is the scope division of the core area of Guilin peak forest landform. The government department believes that the current route of the highway does not pass through the core area of the peak forest landform, let alone cause damage to this special landform. On the contrary, the completion of this highway will also help drive Guilin's tourism industry

Guilin government official: we emphasize that tourism should be fast and slow, because tourism itself is an enjoyment, experience and perception of beauty. In this process, we should generally travel fast and reach the destination as quickly as possible, and then when we arrive at the destination, we should slowly taste, comprehend and enjoy the beauty of nature. Such a fast few minutes, ten minutes walk, but affect people's very careful viewing angle. It turned out that you can walk for an hour, watch all the way, and stop. You can't stop in the middle of the highway. It's not good for tourism traffic. Besides, tourism needs to be developed. Now more and more people travel by bike

it seems that local governments have their own understanding and handling methods for the construction of highways. In fact, this meeting not only did not make any progress, but further confirmed the rationality of the existing line. This can be seen from the report of a local media on the meeting. The media reported the symposium under the title of "people sitting in cars, cars traveling in paintings". The report emphasized that the invited geological experts' suggestions for the existing route were that, given that the expressway is located in the great Guilin Tourist area, it is under construction

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