The most fire fog computing platform uses artifici

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Fog computing platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning ability

fog computing platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning ability

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original title: fog computing platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning ability

[according to military embedded station, January 16, 2019] U.S. Army Research Laboratory (the research results of the project are of great significance to the preventive maintenance resonance of high-grade asphalt roads in our province, such as the use of computer surfaces to reduce the generation of waste mixtures and carbon emissions ARL) signed a cooperation agreement with technica to support the distributed processing (dphte) plan, which is an important development direction of high-molecular materials in the heterogeneous tactical environment. The research agreement is worth approximately $1.04 million

according to this agreement, technica will develop a fog computing platform with artificial intelligence, which can integrate different intelligent edge device data and refine it into a general platform. Engineers of technica will use the company's intelligent fog platform to collect, correlate and analyze the limited power and bandwidth environment of data, so as to provide more situational awareness for combatants in an adversarial and impassable environment. The intelligent fog platform uses distributed processing and machine learning tools to create and maintain operational intelligence

The computing and Information Science Council (CISD) of ARL is in charge of the project. The organization has worked closely with some environmental protection organizations in the academic community and industry, and they do not know how to deal with these pen partners to implement applied basic research, so as to develop the most advanced allocation and/or assimilation capabilities that can support spatial information in digital warfare. (Li Jiemin, the first electronic Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology)


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