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"Soil machinery" can also play a big role

recently, Xinglong agricultural machinery professional cooperative in Liantang village, Jiangnan Town, Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province invited (1) wipe the top surface of the lead screw and the upper and lower end faces of the workbench, and place the workbench on the lead screw table; Chen Dachuan, a major grain contractor in Xiaoshan District, and his self-made "iron ox" -- double plow ditching machine, boosted the progress of wheat sowing. The machine can complete the task of ditching 7 mu of wheat field in 45 minutes with one plough, and the efficiency is more than 3 times that of ordinary ditching machine

it is drizzling all over the world. In Liantang Provincial Grain functional area, there are two walking tractors and one large tractor, which are respectively connected to the ditching machine, galloping on the vast fields. Where the machine passes, straight drainage ditches are left, and the ditch mud is crushed under the high-speed rotation of the ditching machine, and is evenly scattered on the newly formed soil with its light weight Many customers don't know much about the steel strand relaxation testing machine. It has the characteristics of heat, good resilience, good comfort, good low temperature performance, durability, high safety and vibration absorption. The newly sown wheat is thinly covered on the ridge

"the ditching machine towed by that large tractor is very special. There are two ditching machines on the left and right, which can open two ditches at the same time. How fast!" Said Uncle Xu, who passed by with a hoe on his back. It turns out that this ditching machine is a "distinguished guest" invited by President Xu Hongliang from Dangshan Town, Xiaoshan District. It is said to be a "local toy"

the tractor keeps driving back and forth in the field. Driven by the tractor power, the trailing ditcher "gnaws the ditch" quickly, attracting farmers passing by from time to time to stop and watch. At this time, Chen Dachuan, who was standing by the side of the field and commanding, was full of pride. He said, "this machine was designed by myself at a cost of more than 9000 yuan 10 years ago and made at an agricultural machinery maintenance point. Our grain and oil production base uses it to grow wheat and open ditches every year. The efficiency is really high and the effect is good."

nowadays, it is very common for farmers to use ditching machines to sow wheat. The mechanical principle of ditching machines is not complex, but farmers can skillfully install two ditching machines on the same agricultural machine hitch at the same time, forming a unique agricultural machine with one machine opening two ditches, which greatly improves the mechanized production efficiency

since the beginning of autumn this year, the continuous rainy weather in Tonglu County has brought many inconveniences to farmers to rush to harvest rice, lengthened the harvest time, and caused many farmland to miss the rape planting season. "There are still more than 500 mu of fields in our grain functional area, which can't catch up with the season of planting rape. We can only sow wheat. It will take more than 20 days to complete the ditching by relying on our own two walking tractors. Now it takes only a week to add this large tractor with double ditches!" President xuhongliang said happily

"regardless of soil machinery or foreign machinery, as long as it is applicable and practical, it is a good machine." Technicians from the Agricultural Machinery Department of Tonglu County said that as the users of agricultural machinery, the production and design concepts of agricultural machinery often refer to their suggestions. While introducing advanced agricultural machinery, regions may also wish to explore and discover from agricultural production, study some good ideas and machines that are more suitable for local agricultural production operations, and help the continuous development of agricultural machinery

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