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Doosan won the "first brand of Chinese Excavator user satisfaction" for the 10th time

Doosan won the "first brand of Chinese Excavator user satisfaction" for the 10th time

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October 13, 2014 - Beijing News, a few days ago, by the economic magazine in conjunction with China business news, China trade news, China cooperation times, enterprise management magazine The "10th Annual Conference on the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and 2014 forum summit on integrity and competitiveness of Chinese enterprises" jointly organized by China economic innovation and development alliance and other authoritative media institutions was held in Beijing. Mr. Sun Peinan, vice president of product support of Doosan construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd., attended and received the award on behalf of Doosan

at the "brand wins in China grand ceremony" held at this summit, Doosan construction machinery won the title of "the most socially sensitive enterprise in China's construction machinery industry" and "the first brand of user satisfaction in China's excavator market" again with its comprehensive score of six indicators, including market share, influence, user satisfaction, brand reputation, society and corporate culture. This is the first time since 2003, Doosan construction machinery has won this honor for the tenth time in total

sunpeinan, vice president of product support of Doosan construction machinery China, took the stage to receive the award on behalf of Doosan (eighth from the left)

since 1994, Doosan construction machinery entered the Chinese market for 20 years in order to achieve better development in the future. With reliable and durable products and considerate and timely services, it has been recognized by the Chinese market and affirmed by the majority of users. By the end of 2013, Doosan construction machinery industry was the first to achieve cumulative production and sales of excavators exceeding 130000 units. China has grown into the most important "local market" of Doosan, accounting for 48% of the global market. Doosan construction machinery has ranked first in the excavator market share in China for 8 years, and has won the title of first in customer satisfaction for 10 years

as the world's leading construction machinery manufacturing brand, Doosan construction machinery has always adhered to "customer demand as the center", providing customers with the best quality and considerate services through global resources and dealer networks, as well as perfect parts supply and service systems. In July, 2013, Doosan construction machinery launched the doosancare service brand, which is the first enterprise in China's construction machinery industry to launch a service brand, leading the whole industry in the standardization and standardization of service processes. In 2014, under the leadership of doosancare service brand, Doosan construction machinery launched a series of activities aimed at improving service quality, such as doosancare expert accompanying, caring for accompanying four seasons inspection, and looking for the oldest excavator customers, which were highly recognized by the majority of customers

at present, the after-sales service system of Doosan construction machinery is composed of 34 dealers and 384 service points of offices, with a total of 2000 technical service personnel and 1500 service vehicles to provide customers with fast, flexible and convenient services. The opening and use of 24-hour call center service ensures that customers reply within 1 hour after the equipment fault is reported, arrive at the site within 2 hours, and the service is completed within 24 hours; By establishing dense service networks and maintenance stations, we can ensure that we can quickly respond to customer needs within a service radius of 100 kilometers

during the summit, relevant departments of national ministries and commissions, economists and scholars, as well as elites from all walks of life such as business, financial and media circles had a wonderful dialogue, and actively discussed the situation facing China's economic and social development. The participants agreed that with the development and changes of the global market and China's economy, as well as the increasing competition in the construction machinery industry, they began to operate normally Drama, after-sales service has become an important standard to measure the competitiveness of construction machinery brands. Doosan construction machinery took the lead in launching the doosancare service brand with actual content, setting an example for the entire construction machinery industry

Mr. Quan ningmin, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Doosan construction machinery China Co., Ltd., thanked Doosan for winning the award again, he said, "Relying on the developed service network and leading IT technology all over the country, Doosan has been committed to providing customers with high-quality product after-sales service and support in the past 20 years. Thank you very much for the affirmation of users in the Chinese market, Doosan partners and media friends. Doosan engineering machinery once again won the honor of No. 1 user satisfaction in the Chinese market, which encourages us to work harder and harder for the development of Chinese society and provide We will continue to strive for more satisfactory products and more considerate services for Chinese customers. We will adhere to our solid commitment to the Chinese market. We will continue to debate about the fire resistance of thermal insulation wall materials and strive to build the world's most trusted construction machinery brand. "

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