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Lubrication of cylinder valve extends the service life of polypropylene equipment

through the lubrication transformation of cylinder valve of polypropylene device, the mechanical and electrical maintenance workshop 1 of electromechanical instrument plant of Daqing Refining and chemical company has extended the service life of wind pressure classification cen (prEN) 12210:1997 table equipment of instrument doors and windows, ensured the safe and stable operation of 300000 t/a polypropylene device in winter, and reduced the loss of energy consumption by 640000 yuan/hour

it is understood that the polypropylene plant has four high-frequency cylinder type control switch ball valves. The control valve failed to work due to cylinder damage many times, resulting in the shutdown of the granulation system. Therefore, the gas has to be rotated every 15 ~ 20 days. 2 Jaw quality inferior cylinder. Workshop technicians repair the cylinder close to the working life cycle to make its inner wall uniform and smooth, and add -40 ℃ lubricating oil in the external air path system to improve the lubrication and low temperature resistance in the cylinder. After 3 months of observation and operation, the reformed cylinder control valve works stably and does not need to be repaired so far

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