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Fengnuo pump is matched with the automatic flexible filtration process to meet the complex waste treatment conditions

currenta is responsible for managing and providing services to the Leverkusen chemical park in Germany. Previously, all hazardous waste incineration plants in the park used traditional pressure filters to separate solids in flue gas washing wastewater in recent years. In 2009, currenta started the modernization project of pressure filtration equipment. At first, they decided to use vacuum belt filters

currenta was responsible for managing and providing services at the chemical park in Leverkusen, Germany. Previously, all hazardous waste incineration plants in the park used traditional filter presses to separate solids from flue gas washing wastewater

in 2009, currenta started the modernization and transformation project of pressure filtration equipment. At first, they decided to use vacuum belt filters. Several years of tests have found that the vacuum belt filter is obviously not suitable for such process conditions and requirements

"the belt filter can only operate at 95% load. In 2010, aquachem contacted us and proposed the idea of using the full-automatic filter press to replace the belt filter. The full-automatic filter press can operate at full load, so it is more effective, and through advanced automation technology to adapt to continuous process changes, so as to ensure reliable and flexible operation."

therefore, currenta decided to replace the belt filter with an automatic filter press. "We tested different filtration technologies to determine which can deal with highly corrosive and heterogeneous inorganic solids.

the test activities continued until 2013, and finally decided to adopt the recommendations of aquachem," explained Michael Schulte, technical director of the incineration plant at currenta Leverkusen chemical park

aquachem began to carry out pumping test for the full-automatic filter press with Fengnuo lpp-t hose pump. The test lasted from 2013 to 201 (1) the shape and size of the sample are shown in Figure 2 (2), figure 2 (3), figure 2 (4) and table 2 (1) and table 2 (2) for five years. During this period, aquachem confirmed the process advantages of the filter press and pump. In 2016, currenta ordered 8 full-automatic filter presses and 8 fenuo lpp-t65 hose pumps

reliable Fengnuo pumps match the automatic flexible filtration process

"we have used Fengnuo pumps since 2009, which ensure the stability and reliability of pumping, which is crucial to our unique automatic filtration solution. This special chemical product is now available in all corners of the world. With Fengnuo, our high-end equipment operates smoothly." James Babb é, CEO and founder of aquachem in senden, Bavaria, Germany, said, "what attracted me to choose Fono pump is that its excellent appearance, technical performance and high quality meet our requirements."

"our customer aquachem has built a fully automatic filter press, which requires the whole process to be as reliable as possible." Karlheinz meitinger of wp-aro, an agent of FeNO in Germany, said

"Fengnuo pump has proved its superiority in many difficult applications. Since 1995, aquachem has delivered products that integrate different hose pump technologies and are used in air tight applications together with other pump brands. In the cases involved in this paper, aquachem found that Fengnuo lpp-t hose pump is the most ideal choice." Meitinger added

after years of testing and research, currenta's project entered the installation stage. "These pressure filtration equipment need to deal with all the waste produced in the chemical industry park. The working condition is extremely abrasive, and the process equipment needs high performance and stability. Like other start-ups, we also face some challenges. But when the pump fails, although this situation is very rare, we always get excellent and timely support from Fengnuo." Babb é said

unique design, Service life of airport under corrosive conditions

"It is clear from the beginning that the application of Fengnuo hose pump will greatly improve this process. Lpp-t hose pump provides reliable support for the feeding of automatic filter press. The service life of the hose is very important for corrosive conditions. In similar occasions, Fengnuo lpp-t pump once could operate continuously for one year without replacing the hose. In such corrosive conditions, the design should ensure that only the hose contacts the medium, which can save the cost of spare parts, Because it will not pollute the bearings or seals. "

the rolling design facilitates the forward and backward operation of Fengnuo hose pump. Self priming (standard configuration of all Fengnuo hose pumps) technology ensures that the pipeline is emptied after each filtration cycle to avoid pipeline blockage due to material precipitation. Therefore, no additional system is required to flush the pipeline, thus saving time and money

meet the complex waste treatment conditions

chempark is a large area, and the waste produced by different manufacturers varies, from scattered lithium batteries to waste produced in the pharmaceutical process

"Currenta needs to provide services for these enterprises and their demanding applications. The pressure filtration device needs to adapt to continuous process changes to separate solid substances from the waste water generated by flue gas washing, so the mud to be treated is also different. Even if the material flow from flue gas washing is uneven, the pump must ensure 100% reliable and safe operation. This is a highly demanding application, because the filtrate needs to be clean enough to be reused or discharged." Put it in the river. " Schulte explained

"the reliability of the equipment is the key. If the pump cannot work normally, the filtration equipment will not operate." Babe Babb é added. Fengnuo lpp-t hose pump is convenient for continuous monitoring and can be incorporated into any control system

"we are very familiar with the excellent performance of Fengnuo pumps. In 2008, we built a tank farm for waste liquid treatment, which requires reliable pumps to deal with flammable liquids and cope with extreme conditions. At first, we found a combined membrane pump with a flow of 35/h, but finally ordered Fengnuo lpp-t delivery pumps, because their performance met our expectations." Schulte said, "we are very satisfied with the operation and reliability of the pump. When aquachem suggested using eight FeNO lpp-t pumps for the feeding device of the filtration equipment," we have no objection when we provide our customers with a recommended feed flow independent of the process. "

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