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Expert: clean heating can not simply rely on coal to gas, but should adhere to the comprehensive implementation strategy

China has made preliminary achievements since it comprehensively promoted clean heating. However, the proportion of clean heating in northern China is still only 34% at present. Key words: revenue%, which is still far from the national planning goal of "the rate of clean heating in northern China will reach 70% by 2021". Clean heating cannot simply rely on "coal to gas" and "coal to electricity". We should adhere to comprehensive measures and strive to comprehensively upgrade the heating system

this is the judgment and suggestions given by the experts at the 2018 international clean heating summit and Engineering Application Exhibition held in xiong'an new area, Hebei Province

according to the plan for clean heating in winter in northern China () jointly issued by ten ministries and commissions at the end of 2017, by 2019, the clean heating rate in northern China will reach 50%, replacing 74million tons of bulk coal; By 2021, the clean heating rate in northern China will reach 70%, replacing 150 million tons of bulk coal. The difference between the two and the upper and lower limits of the frequency table will be set

there is no doubt that the dual substitution of "coal to gas" and "coal to electricity" has achieved remarkable results in promoting clean heating and controlling air pollution in northern China. However, the participating experts believed that in the long run, "double substitution" could not completely solve the problem of clean heating

for this reason, Xie Qiuye, President of the general electric power planning and Design Institute (18.110, -0.03, -0.17%), calculated an account: the total heating area of urban and rural buildings in northern China is about 20.6 billion square meters. If all "coal to gas", the annual gas consumption is about 200 billion cubic meters, while the total social gas consumption in 2017 is only 23.73 billion cubic meters; If all "coal to electricity" is used, the annual electricity consumption will be about 2trillion kwh, while the total domestic electricity consumption of urban and rural residents in 2017 will be only 869.5 billion kwh. From the perspective of energy supply alone, there are already many difficulties. If coupled with the annual financial subsidy burden, safety and other issues, the future clean heating work will face more challenges

"we must focus on the comprehensive upgrading of the heating system." Xie Qiuye said that natural gas, electricity, biomass, solar energy (3.260, 0.00,0.00%), industrial waste heat, clean coal (ultra-low emissions), nuclear energy and other diversified clean energy should be used as the heat source for winter heating in northern China, and equipped with efficient transmission and distribution pipes to save energy buildings

according to Xie Qiuye, at present, the comprehensive energy consumption of rural heating in China is about 27 kg standard coal/square meter, while the comprehensive energy consumption of heating in energy-saving buildings is only 8.7 kg standard coal/square meter. Only 20% of rural heating buildings have taken certain measures to keep warm or save energy. The current situation of "heating, subsidies and heat dissipation at the same time" leads to a large waste of resources

Jiang Yi, director of the building energy efficiency research center of Tsinghua University, said that a large amount of industrial waste heat in China is not fully utilized every year, and these resources can be used as an important supplement to clean heating heat sources. In the process of policy support for the development of high-tech industries in xiong'an and other new areas, the overall layout of industrial layout and residential heating system should be fully considered. The effective utilization of industrial waste heat will save a lot of energy and financial expenditure for the country

"in the next step, the national energy administration will further strengthen the cooperation between various ministries and commissions, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of local governments, and promote the implementation of the clean heating plan. We should adhere to adjusting measures to local conditions, fully consider the characteristics of the northern region, such as resource endowment and heating duration, and proceed from reality, adopt various heating methods, such as electricity and coal, to promote the work step by step." Guozhi, chief economist of the national energy administration, said

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