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The Bureau of energy issued the CBM industry policy

which defined the development objectives of China's CBM industry, market access conditions, exploration and development layout, research and development of technical equipment, coordinated development of resources, safety, labor cost of 233 yuan/ton, full energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. In terms of industrial access, coalbed methane enterprises are required to have certain investment capacity and engineering technical strength, and they should have corresponding qualifications to engage in exploration and development related businesses. In terms of industrial layout, it is proposed to carry out exploration and development by regions and levels, and encourage the nearby utilization of coalbed methane and the export of surplus gas. Encourage basic theoretical research on the mechanism of coal and gas outburst, and speed up the research and development of key technology and equipment for the development of medium and low-level coal-bed methane. In terms of coordinated development of resources, attention should be paid to the following four points: it is proposed to give priority to the ground development of coalbed methane in coal prospect areas

this document plans to build coalbed methane Industrialization Bases in the eastern margin of Qinshui Basin and Ordos Basin by 2015, and then build 3 to 5 Industrialization Bases in 5 to 10 years to develop coalbed methane industry into an important emerging energy industry

the document proposes to increase the number of exploration blocks. The material also has anti graffiti and flame retardant energy, improve the minimum exploration investment standard, implement the development system within a time limit, and improve the degree of resource guarantee; Increase capital investment, arrange investment support within the central budget, attract social funds to participate, broaden financing channels for enterprises, and improve coalbed methane price policies; Strengthen the management of foreign cooperation and a series of safeguard measures

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